An enchanting sojourn to any part of the Philippines brings so much exhilaration and personal fulfillment. Ideally, the essentials of territorial explorations need not be too expensive. Instead, a particular tourist destination must be able to significantly fulfill the primary requisites involved. Beauty, magnificence and world renowned notoriety.

The enchanting Aliwagwag Falls.

The enchanting Aliwagwag Falls.

Along this line, there is a breathtaking tourist spot which provides all these exemplary characterizations without a shadow of a doubt. This is no other than the highest waterfall in the Philippines. Simply, this is resplendently alluded to as Aliwagwag Falls. The serene gift of Mother Nature which is popularly referred to as the eternally mesmerizing Falls of Aliwagwag is the finest haven of those aquatic resources which are comprised of a group of fish that is commonly called Sawugnun. Remarkably, God has lovingly endowed this marvelous wonderland of Planet Earth with the purest and cleanest water reservoir in the Philippines, courtesy of the enchanting Aliwagwag Falls. As such, the Cateel River was unanimously adjudged as the Cleanest River in Region XI. Historically, the fascinating tourist haven in Cateel Davao Oriental is vividly described as a series of 89 alluring and cascading waterfalls which are geologically located in the tranquil and friendly Barangay of Aliwagwag, which is so accessible via a 30-minute drive.

Descriptively, the self-possessed and attenuated Falls of Aliwagwag lovingly embraces these unusual formations of rocks with various shapes and unbelievable heights. Meanwhile, the diverse tiers of this interesting body of water are definitely exceptional in every way. To date, every echelon of the falls approximately measures 6 to 110 feet high. However, there is one astonishing tier which has an estimated measurement of at least 72 feet. Ultimately, this unforgettable vacation paradise in Cateel Davao Oriental has tremendously exhibited an awesome 1,110 feet of disgorging natural source of hydroelectric power. Therefore, it has become the most notable and enigmatic waterfalls in Mindanao region. In those ancient times, the aesthetic grandeur of Aliwagwag Waterfalls was not that easily accessible as it is now. There were no trails or direct routes that would have led those early voyagers to the secret and soothing environment of Aliwagwag Waterfalls. So, for those eager spectators out there they have to ride a boat that will bring them safely to their final journey’s end.

After a few years, the swift construction of numerous infrastructure projects in Mindanao has opened the easiest gateway towards the once in a lifetime opportunity to personally witness the unforgettable charisma of Aliwagwag in Cateel Davao Oriental. There are countless legends which were mysteriously attributed to the miraculous Aliwagwag Falls in Davao Oriental. Based from these ancient accounts, it was firmly believed by those early people of Davao that the said dazzling body of water was allegedly a gift from the kindhearted and powerful gods to the charming tribes of Mandaya in Cateel, Davao Oriental. Likewise, these indigenous people were very much dependent on Aliwagwag Falls. For these noble and God fearing individuals of Mindanao, it is a fount of survival which must be preserved and well-taken care of without reservations.

Thankfully, the heaven sent improvisation of Cateel-Compostela Road has become the most expeditious major link that would allow every excited traveler to spend a fruitful afternoon in the quiescent and soothing atmosphere of Davao Oriental’s Aliwagwag Falls. Thereafter, it would only take an approximate travel time of five hours or less. Conversely, Philippine Tourism was able to bolster itself to its highest peak in terms of the unpredictable tourists’ influx. By the way, this majestic and bountiful tourist attraction in the Philippines connotes the genuine splendor of Davao Oriental which remained to be uncontested up to this very day.


The timeless beauty of Aliwagwag Falls is geographically located along the previously mentioned Road of Compostela- Cateel. Actually, it is somewhat 25 kilometers away from the town center of the province. Speaking of the fastest means on how to get there, if you are a legitimate resident of Davao; all you need to do is to ride the Lyn or Mallen Express buses which are traveling regularly, day in and day out. But, you must be more patient enough because your approximate travel time would be five hours or more depending on the flow of traffic on your scheduled visit.

Surprisingly, the glaring Falls of Aliwagwag of Davao in its unspeakable language is the most infinite expression of God’s immeasurable power and goodness to abundantly give its limitless benefits to the Philippines in the years to come.

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