Certified Kapuso contract star Aljur Abrenica has filed a legal action against his mother studio for several years since he started his illustrious career in Philippine Showbiz. Abrenica has asked lawyer in the person of Attorney Ferdinand Topacio to whip into shape the so-called Judicial Confirmation of Rescission of Contract against GMA-7. This means to say that he wants the Kapuso network to finally set him free in order to have a more fruitful career move that will let him do his interests most specially as a musician. Thus, Aljur says that it took him a long time prior to his hardest decision ever to file the said case against GMA-7. Fair enough, he said that he has nothing against the premiere network, except that he just wanted to do a major leap in his showbiz career.

Kapuso star Aljur Abrenica has filed a legal action against GMA-7

Kapuso star Aljur Abrenica has filed a legal action against GMA-7

Along this line he said,

I do not want this to happen. I am the very last of all people to be placed in this kind of a situation.

As for GMA-7 Aljur Abrenica has this to say.

I’m not given the kind of worthiness and respect that I should get from them as far as the kind of career path that I really desire for myself.

Simply because,

As a musician and a serious actor, I want to achieve something more for a good cause. With my inherent acting talents, I want to help lots of people and more so I earnestly desire to hone my craft even more.

In other words, Aljur Abrenica in all honesty bravely said these words without any remorse.

Me and GMA-7 have different views and perceptions on how to handle my showbiz career. I want a different path to take and so they are.

Despite of this legal action that he had lawfully undertaken, Aljur Abrenica dearly expects that the said network and he will always have a good and strong relationship regardless of the case’s outcome. Nevertheless, he will never dare to forget about the fondest memories that he had with Channel 7. On the other hand, Attorney Ferdinand Topacio says that he and his client are not engaging them-selves in a fight against GMA-7. Meanwhile, the said network has to air its side of the story the moment that they have already received a copy of the said complaint.

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