Fever is advantageous to our body, without us being aware of this medical fact. If you have a fever, your body is actively destroying harmful viruses. However, if this goes on for weeks you must try these alternative and holistic treatments to keep you in the pink of health all the time. Some of the best known alternative cures for this particular kind of ailment are the following: Try to do the most effective approach of homeopathy.

If your fever is not too severe, there are other alternative cures that you must try,

If your fever is not too severe, there are other alternative cures that you must try,

According to a medical expert who goes by the name of Dr. Moskowitz, M.D. the marvelous mechanism of the immune system alongside with the use of these other methods of handling the said natural process of the body to fight lethal infections will make your body to be as strong as a steel. Among these are: Aconite Belladona, Feum Phos and Bryona. Meanwhile, the use and application of the so-called Ayurvedic Medicine can also be used. Prior to its application, if your fever is below 102 degrees, there is no need for you to take your usual medications. Just do the following: A cold sponge, nutritious and light diet and the moderate use of Aconite Belladona and Sulfur.

As for the herbal medicines, there are doctors in our midst today who says that herbal teas are good for light fevers. Some best examples of these are peppermint, yarrow and elderflower. Hence, the application of a specific topical treatment will ease fever symptoms for good. To ease your physical discomfort, try to have a poultice of the so called Echinacea root. However, if its too difficult on your part to do this you can instead apply a mixture of apple cider vinegar to your whole body to make you well again.

These incredible and alternative ways in treating your fever only proves that Mother Nature has exceptional options that will never let you down.

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