Amalia Fuentes Issued a Final Statement about the Family of her Late Daughter Liezl Martinez

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Veteran actress Amalia Fuentes issued a final statement about the family of her late daughter Liezl Martinez on Monday. She poured her heart out and told the media that while other family members could replace Liezl, she won’t be able to do the same as she was her only child. Her daughter Anna Lisa “Liezl” Sumilang-Martinez was cremated at the Arlington Memorial Chapels in Quezon City.

The 74-year-old Amalia Fuentes ended her silence and told media that she decided to stay on the sidelines because it was what Albert Martinez, the husband of the late Liezl Martinez wanted. She also complained that she and former husband Romeo Vasquez, Liezl’s father, were not mentioned by the host during a ceremony at the Arlington Memorial Chapel.

Amalia Fuentes Final Statement

Amalia Fuentes approached reporters to issue a “final statement” about the family of her late daughter Liezl, whom she accused of shutting her off from the former actress’ life.

Meanwhile, Arlington issued a statement on Monday saying, that its management and its members have nothing but the highest regard for Miss Amalia Fuentes and added,

We understand her sentiments and extend our deepest sympathies. We wish to clarify, however, that we simply carried out the instructions relayed to us by the immediate family. It was not our intention to offend her in any way. We remain committed to serving the best interests of our client families“.

Liezl Martinez was 18 when she met actor Albert Martinez. The two eloped and left for the United States to start a family. Since then, it was reported that Amalia Fuentes and Albert didn’t always get along.

After Amalia Fuentes issued a final statement, she went back to the hospital, where she is confined. It was reported she had a breakdown after Liezl’s death last Saturday.


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