International actress Amanda Bynes was nabbed in relation to a driving offense which is specifically a DUI. This stands for driving under the influence. She was preempted by the police authorities from the California Highway Patrol while she momentarily stopped the vehicle along the intersection in the quiet neighborhood of Los Angeles during the wee hours at around 4 o’clock. This was found out when she was evaluated at a nearby police station.

Former child star Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI.

Former child star Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI.

Previously, Amanda Bynes was also arrested for her other driving-related offenses. However, she remained to be cooperative. At the time that she was recently arrested, Bynes appeared to be disoriented according to authorities. She was immediately released after she posted a bail of $15,000. Based on reliable sources, Amanda Bynes had enormously struggled with various health problems and that included an alleged mental disorder. Similarly, she was also brought to a rehabilitation center. She was released after staying there for quite sometime.

During her good old days, she took up a course in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. When she wanted to start a new life of her own, she voluntarily removed her controversial tweets which involved a much sought after rapper. In addition to this, she even had some almost nude photos. Bynes was freed probation for a case that was filed by a police when the vehicle of the latter was said to have been clipped by Bynes. Among her other unlawful offenses were as follows: Driving Under the Influence of and alcohol-related charges to name a few. But the worst thing of all, was when she was rumored to have sparked a fire in a driveway of an unknown home in Thousand Oaks in California.

At times, there were some inconsistencies in her statements. She mysteriously shared the once shaved her hair. On the contrary, her recent shots had disclosed that her hair was thick as a bush and it looked like healthier like it used to. By the way, who is Amanda Bynes in real life? She began her showbiz career as a young commercial model at the age of 7. Then, she was luckily chosen to be one of the cast in All That, a Nickelodeon comedy show. From there, she was given a rare opportunity to shine when she was assigned to do The Amanda Show of Nickelodeon. But, her illustrious stardom had slowly faded after she was last seen in her last starring role in Easy A.

Amanda Bynes has claimed that she had retired from the intriguing world of Hollywood. Therefore, her movie and television offers had dwindled over the years.

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