The human memory is the storehouse of all the essential data and experiences during those days that we are already awakened by the challenging realities of life. But, as the years come and go the sharpness of our cognition is slowly diminishing due to these factors. Age, psychological problems,sicknesses and the kind of nutrition that we have among others. In the fascinating realms of medical science, there is a new discovery that says electric shocks can greatly enhance one’s memory. This is marvelously made possible by a pacemaker device that is simply known as deep brain stimulators. This was critically devised by the creative minds and ingenuity of both the Saint Jude Medical Center and Medtronic respectively. These alleged brain enhancers in humans have already been used to calm the sudden muscle tremors of those people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

These brain waves of humans are being enhanced by a new scientific innovation called as pacemaker stimulators.

These brain waves of humans are being enhanced by a new scientific innovation called as pacemaker stimulators.

This awesome device will be implanted beneath the chest’s skin. It is fully equipped with wires which will lead up toward the neck which are in turn connected to those tiny electrodes that are also implanted inside the brain. To test the efficacy and utmost advantages of these incredible brain stimulators, different scientific tests were meticulously conducted at the University of California by making use of those subjects who are suffering from epilepsy and will soon undergo a medical surgery in the days and months to come.

During the course of this research study, their chosen subjects all have implanted electrodes in order to determine the primal cause of their sudden seizures. This was the best step to undertake for them, to actually point out the significant relationship between cognitive stimulation and its effect on one’s memory at some point. To date, these experts have fully concentrated on the entorhinal cortex, which helps form and store memories. In the actual experiment itself, the participants have been instructed to play an interesting video game. The main objective of each subject is to take a group of people to different shops around a virtual city. Conclusively, the primal goal of the said test is to determine if in any case a certain part of the brain is stimulated will it have a positive effect on doing other tasks that can possibly enhance their memory recall?

According to Dr. Itzhak Fried, professor of neurosurgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA,

When we stimulated the hippocampus itself, there was not an effect. It was really stimulation in the gateway to the hippocampus- the entorhinal cortex – where we got the beneficial effect in terms of memory.

Likewise, he said.

Compared to testing before stimulation, zapping this part of the brain helped people recognize landmarks and navigate the virtual city more quickly.

In summary, the use of these brain electric shocks have been positively found out that brain stimulation has to coincide with the pre-formation of the memory recall function of the brain. Whatever this exceptional research wants to prove in the coming years, there is no doubt that those people with memory problems will soon see the light of day in their lives as soon as this new trend in cognitive development is in full blast.

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