The multi-billion dollar revenues of Google would soon increase if it really wants to buy the Twitch. Nowadays, it is described as one outrageous website where cyber gaming never ends in terms innovation, unmatched creativity and the mind boggling intellectual challenges it brings to millions of gaming aficionados. Now, what are the most viable reasons why should Google purchase this very versatile gaming website before any other cyber giant does? Primarily, it has 43 million users on a monthly basis; that was only three years after its official launching. Secondly, any user can watch a one-and-a-half hour video all day long.

The Twitch is another online gaming site, which Google wants to purchase in the future.

The Twitch is another online gaming site, which Google wants to purchase in the future.

According to the objective analysis of James Mc Quivey,a notable techno analyst, the forthcoming purchase of the Twitch will have the following repercussions:

For Google, this is a defensive measure as much as it is anything else.Google found early on with YouTube that play-throughs of video games were a huge traffic draw. If you don’t watch those videos, you don’t even know they exist on YouTube. But for people who watch them, that’s all they see.

Along this line, it was reported by Variety and Wall Street Journal that YouTube also wants to dearly possess this skyrocketing online gaming website for a whooping value of $1-billion dollars. Apart from Google and YouTube, other interested buyers are Amazon and Microsoft respectively. Whoever will have the lucky streak to have the Twitch will undeniably change the world of online gaming to its highest level of unmatched level of perfection.

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