The versatility and functionality of a smartphone, will never be the same again as it personifies a new personality as a life-changing gadget most specially in the lives of alcoholics. Based on the latest scientific study, it was found out that this smartphone application has been critically designed to help alcoholics to kick off their habit, the soonest. This marvelous application of smartphone is dubbed as the A-CHESS application, which was tested on 65 participants who were all certified alcoholics for so many years.

Consequently, its users were found to have effectively abstained from the devilish promptings of alcohol as quickly as possible as compared to those people who were only subjected to undergo rehabilitation treatments with the same kind of psychological dilemma. Moreover, the users of this miraculous mobile phone have excitedly said that their so-called risky drinking episodes have been lessened to significant levels.

Smartphone can miraculously cure alcoholism through its A-CHESS application.

Smartphone can miraculously cure alcoholism through its A-CHESS application.

According to David Gustafson, a professor of industrial engineering and preventive medicine at the University of Wisconsin,

These sort of systems have enormous potential.

Also, he said.

They are going to allow us to turn around not only addiction treatment, but the whole field of health care.

In the recent years, there were so many applications of mobile phones which were solely intended to finally curb the psychological problem of alcoholism. But, the A-CHESS smartphone is totally different. It was the very first application to undergo a clinical trial which has a randomized methodology in order to accurately test its unprecedented effectiveness. Thus, if you are all wondering what A-CHESS stands for it means Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System.

Essentially, this revolutionized smart application provides an active support system for those alcoholics who are categorically classified as innocuous and the downright intrusive. The process of this incredible mobile phone is very simple. The A-CHESS smartphone application will send text messages of support on a daily basis. Furthermore, it will ask questions that pertain to the swift assessment of the person’s struggles against this vicious addiction. From there, the assigned counselors will be able to determine the extent of a victim’s struggle against alcoholism. Best of all, this interactive mobile phone app will generously provide alcoholics with dependable online support groups.


The salient features of this awesome smartphone includes a GPS which tracks down the location of a particular user. Likewise, it sends an alarming alert if an alcoholic is near a bar or wherever these tempting liquors are present. To be more multi-faceted, each mobile communication gadget is suited for each alcoholic’s primal needs. Meaning, the designed tools of each smartphone is solely intended to help an alcoholic to successfully cope up with the said addiction gradually. Lastly, this type of mobile phone application can help millions on how to positively resist alcohol.

Prior to its pilot use, this innovative smartphone application was laboriously developed within a span of six years. During its course of development, it was financially supported by federal grants.

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