Since an Ebola virus is contagious, Amber Vinson should not be allowed to travel no matter how important her engagements are. She is Amber Joy Vinson in real life, and a Registered Nurse by profession. According to verifiable accounts, she went to a suburb which goes by the name of Tallmadge before she was diagnosed as positive of the lethal virus. According to the Office of the Summit of Public Health County, they are trying to locate those places that she could have traveled while she was visiting her loved ones. However, it would take some time before it can be all traced. Hence, those people will be interviewed twice to know whether or not Vinson had a direct contact with those people. According to its top official,

We have been in there all day to see if there are additional contacts and to see where those additional contacts may be, and also the nature of those contacts.

Amber Joy Vinson, a Registered Nurse was positively identified with an Ebola virus.

Amber Joy Vinson, a Registered Nurse was positively identified with an Ebola virus.

Consequently, the solid and immediate basis for a quarantine will be solely determined by an individualized process. Based on their research, Vinson was last seen in that place at around 10 in the morning. Therefore, to ensure the safety of everyone in the said community an emergency command center was put into place. This was between the Summit County Public Health Emergency Management Agency and the Ohio Department of Health respectively. Moreover, there were some who says that Amber Vinson was in Akron on the 10th day of October. After which, she flew back to Dallas aboard a New Frontier Airlines flight. Briefly, Amber’s academic profile says that she was a graduate of the Firestone School. She took up a nursing degree at the Kent State University. Moreover, she was connected to Summa Akron City Hospital from 2007-2012. The mere reason why she visited her family was to her mom to plan something about a forthcoming wedding. While she was on flight, she had a fever. Despite of the said scare, Tallmadge Mayor David Kline said his city is very much prepared if the said mysterious will attack his municipality. In a statement, he said.

We are prepared for this as much as we can.

Meanwhile, Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic had told the media that there were inaccurate reports with respect to an Ebola virus. To resolve, he said.

f you suddenly say there’s a crisis, you don’t do very well. The big concern about panic is a tremendous concern.People making bad decisions about not going or not doing something based on incorrect information.

It is truly sad to realize that Ebola virus victims should suffer the painful ordeal of isolation. May Amber Vinzon finally recover by God’s grace.

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