Florida has already handed down its final verdict on the so-called Amendment 2 Florida. Basically, this is all about a unanimous consensus of its people to accept marijuana as a medical drug. However, it has been reported that it had garnered almost 90 percent of the majority votes based on what others refer to it as public support. Primarily, the very reason why this measure had become futile in terms of its legalization is because of the mere fact that it only got 57% of the total votes; whereas state laws necessitates a vote of 60% or higher to be qualified as a super majority vote.

Amendment 2 Florida has suffered a big blow when it failed to get a super majority vote.

Amendment 2 Florida has suffered a big blow when it failed to get a super majority vote.

As what has been previously mentioned, Amendment 2 Florida aims to allow medical doctors to be given the power and the privilege to do some prescriptions in treating those debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS among others. It has been said that its failure to finally become a law was due to the influential financial backing of some of the world’s richest men like billionaire and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. In opposition, he invested almost $5 million for its total crash in the plenary according to Washington Post. Although Adelson and his brilliant team who works for him at his Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Medical Research Foundation, had found that there was really a strong scientific basis about the time-tested and positive effects of marijuana, it did not somehow live up to his expectations and cultural beliefs. In retrospect, there was a time when Amendment 2 Florida was almost there to finally hit the target but it was to no avail.

As several months had passed by, its popularity has declined. Therefore, it had only reached a total of only 48%. Nevertheless, there is a still a law in Florida which has legally provided for its limited use. This was courtesy of Governor Rick Scott. His version of the said law was otherwise known as the Charlotte Web. Remarkably, the first name of the law was inspired by Charlotte Figi, a child who is severely suffering from epilepsy. Meanwhile, a stern marijuana advocate in the person of Tom Angel who is an active chairman of Marijuana Majority has this to say.

“While it’s disappointing that patients in Florida won’t be able to find legal relief with marijuana just yet, tonight’s result does show that a clear majority of voters in the sunshine state support a new direction.

Currently, there are almost 23 states in Florida as well in some cities in the District of Columbia which had finally legalized marijuana as a medical drug. However, the federal government has not lifted the ban on the said drug since its open ended controversy had begun.

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