It is really nice to know that there are lots of movies nowadays which can be deservingly qualified as mysterious in the strictest sense of the word interesting and yet mystifying as well. Today’s very engrossing movie review is all about the American Horror Story. If we are to closely examine the previous or the pre-reviews of this film, it is very quite intriguing that there seems to be the question which goes something like this. Is their life in Jupiter? The movie begins with a preview which says, Monsters Among Us.

According to some people who had already watched the movie a thousand times over, this particular segment was one of the funniest part of this must see flick of 2014. Despite of its numerous modifications, the incredible and awesome American Horror Story provided decreasing returns, ever since the first season was magnificently shown. In essence, it is unfortunate to know that each season is getting weaker just like someone who is about to reach his or her twilight years. The freaky anecdote begins with a travel back in time saga which was beautifully patterned after Asylum.

The American Horror Story, its latest season is getting weaker and weaker in terms of its plot and presentation.

The American Horror Story, its latest season is getting weaker and weaker in terms of its plot and presentation.

Now, it is very much evident that the word Jupiter does not pertain to a planet but to a unique and serene town in Florida. To entice millions of moviegoers, the promotional strategy for this involves a guy with a forked tongue. Sad to say, this was not too scary as many would have thought about it. In addition to this, there were no extraordinary human oddities which might intricately add up to the beauty and significance. Nevertheless, producer/ writer James Wong has made a difference for the film in no time at all.

As far as its plot is concerned, straight up murder is the name of the game here. Thus, it was not quite clear as to why there were numerous stabbings in this particular film. But as a whole, this flick is all about human horror. In essence, this is all about Elsa an ex- German patriot who runs a rural freak show. Significantly, this was also her stepping stone towards her recognition as a full-fledged singer. More so, the film shows a new recruit. Actually, these were twins who were presumed by Elsa that these people will help her to sell the much needed tickets for the Freak Show. Last but not the least, there was also a rich socialite who would the film more revealing than ever before. In general, the characters are said to be laid out but somewhere, somehow, they are quite ineffective. Just the same, the American Horror Story remains to be worth watching.

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