Traditional medicine and its stern advocates, have amazingly adopted an unusual but effective health breakthrough that will surely caught you by surprise. For example, Madonna has frankly disclosed that she used her pee in treating her athlete’s foot. In the same manner, the urine of ancient Romans are being utilized as toothpastes. Based on the other interesting facts about urne, the Medical Billingand Coding has found out that a human pee is composed of 90 percent water.

The human pee is not an awful excretion.

The human pee is not an awful excretion.

Thus, it is also sterile in terms of its composition and other related generalities. Firstly, it is totally odorless until it has been excreted by our body. If you are wondering why it smells awful, it is due to the fact that contains ammonia. Likewise, it should be pale hue in color to be considered as healthy. Some say, that a human pee is used to determine once virginity for several centuries. For example, if a beautiful woman urinates a mam she is said to be virgin. Similarly, it has been said that a human pee has been used somewhere in North Africa for ceremonial reasons. To date, it has been sprinkled on their beloved guests after the wedding itself. More so, in some civilized countries like England it is regarded as customary if guests in a wedding ceremony will drink the urine of the lovely bride. Most importantly, it was found out that one’s pee is used to disinfect the wounds of gallant soldiers because of its unique antiseptic properties. Best of all, a urine is used as an effective eye wash most specially during the thirteenth century. This was according to Pope XXI. He miraculously said that a woman’s pee was liable in treating his eye defect. In reciprocity, he married her as soon as possible.

The ancient time have an intriguing oral hygiene. The human pee can be used to make your oral hygiene much more revealing and unusual. Urine can make your teeth much stronger and whiter than ever before. In addition, it can be one of your most effective mouthwash. Human urine repels cats and dogs. Therefore, if there are pets who are wandering in your garden you will never have a hard time in driving them way within and around your private premises. For those unwanted skin breakouts like acne, you do not need to by expensive creams and ointments. All you need to is to wash your face with urine and everything will turn out just fine. By the way, a small amount of pee is incredibly tried and tested during the Civil War. Last but not the least, it has been said that a noble and idealistic man like Mahatma Gandhi drank his urine in his timeless lifetime. Although this kind of health regimen is highly contested, a human pee is truly mysterious in every way.

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