Pine trees are conifer trees, which have emanated from the enchanting genus of Pinus. They excellently grow in acid and calcareous soils. Depending on their types and species, some of these very versatile trees are in need of fire to regenerate them-selves. They usually have a height of only three to eighty meters only.

Beautiful pine trees have varying uses for health and beauty regimens.

Beautiful pine trees have varying uses for health and beauty regimens.

Some have an approximate height of 15 to 45 meters tall. One of the smallest pines in the world is the Siberian Dwarf pine. Over the years, these lush and magnificent evergreens have been gladly introduced to both temperate and those subtropical regions to name a few. In essence, these are carefully cultivated and grown to beautifully serve the purposes of becoming ornamental as soon as they have become fully-grown. Pine trees are usually scaly as far as their barks are concerned. So much so of different characterizations, these trees are too versatile in terms of their varying uses. For example, high-quality pinewood is excellently used for furniture, roofings, floor panelling and for the fabulous creations of those safe and sturdy window frames, to name a few. Remarkably, these cool and shady trees are being utilized as decorative plants in different parks worldwide. Likewise, if you have a sprawling garden there is no need for you take a look at those other trees which can somehow stunningly have the same benefits as these precocious trees. Needless to say, these evergreens are truly in demand during Yuletide Season. Furthermore, the needles of these pines are used for basket making, trays and some of the most alluring pots. Oftentimes, these pine needles are creatively made into awesome handicrafts which are globally exported through the years.

For your overall health and well-being these trees can be effectively used as a food supplement. This versatile tree has to be converted into a tea. In effect, this will marvelously provide you with the abounding goodness of Vitamin C. Here’s how to do it. Steep a handful of its very relaxing needles. Ideally, the process will take you about 5 to 10 minutes. But, never over steep. Its Vitamin C content will be lost. Most importantly, you need to choose those evergreens which are NOT POISONOUS. Some of those dangerous pines are: Norfolk Island Pine, Yew (Taxus) and the Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa , also known as Western Yellow Pine, Bull Pine and Blackjack Pine). If you are not familiar with their physical properties and differences, you might not as well take this as a tea. On the other hand, their nuts are fit for human consumption. Just the same, the inner barks of these trees can be eaten without fear. Similarly, those male pine cones can be savored in utmost moderation. For example, a pine’s resin is being delectably enjoyed as a chewing gum. Lastly, a pine resin is used as a natural antiseptic. This can be applied to your wounds. In so doing, your wound will be germ-free. Pine trees are not only beautiful ornaments. These can also make your health to reach its optimum peak.

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