Today’s sophisticated world of innovative technology has really gone to greater heights, as millions of Android tablets are currently dominating its tab industry in a global scope. The latest addition of these tablets are marvelously equipped with a brilliantly-crafted Google Android platform. As a result, the former frontliner which is nonetheless the multi-billion firm, Apple has the need to critically study its marketing strategies in order to regain its composure and domino effect in the fast paced arena of modern communications. Based on the marketing summary and evaluation of Strategy Analytics, it has significantly divulged that Android tabs were able to overpoweringly grab this year’s upper hand with a huge tablet sales percentage of 6.5 percent. This was only in the first quarter of 2014.

Android tablets with Google platform dominate the global tab industry this year.

Android tablets with Google platform dominate the global tab industry this year.

On the other hand, Apple’s iPad had suffered a bitter setback as its sales figures had slumped to 28.4 percent as compared to its previous sales of 40.3 percent. Going back, the global sales of Android tablets had posted its phenomenal sales revenues of about 19 percent after it was able to easily sell a total of 57.6 million units, years back.

Accordingly, these Android powered tablets had perfectly exhibited a continuum of an unprecedented success. This was accurately based on the unperturbed market analysis of Peter King, a goal driven market analyst of Strategy Analytics. He said.

Android continues to make steady progress and now commands two-thirds of the tablet market share.

Likewise, he further added.

We believe that the disappointing performance in the early part of the calendar year is because Apple has changed its product release cycle to the holiday timeframe.

Speaking of his fearless prognosis about Apple’s fate and destiny nowadays, he has this to say.

Apple will likely lose share over the next several months to refreshed Android products, but we believe Apple will win back meaningful high-end market share during the final months of the calendar year.

Indeed, these highly-sophisticated Android tablets have really gone a long, long way. It has even drastically placed Apple on the sidelines which is most likely the unforgiving scenario for the latter, after being on the pedestal for so many years.

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