It looks like the Darna will fly back once more to the hearts of millions, as this beautiful superhero is reinvented once again in the latest offering of Star Cinema for this year; to be top billed by Filipina dramatic actress, Angel Locsin. This is a nostalgic and thrilling work of art by a famous novelist who goes by the name of Mars Ravelo. As we all know, Angel has become a household name when she did the same project as a television series on GMA-7. This was sometime in 2005. In a jest, Angel Locsin says.

It’s official. The most wanted magical stone was returned to me. Therefore, I am pretty much excited. I have high respects for Darna. During those times when I was still in the process of portraying her thrilling character, she was constantly in my heart. I will always treasure her. I’m so much thankful to the Ravelo’s, for trusting me again and together with Star Cinema.

The beautiful and kindhearted Angel Locsin, flies high as Darna for Star Cinema.

The beautiful and kindhearted Angel Locsin, flies high as Darna for Star Cinema.

Admittedly, Locsin said that she was really stunned and surprised at the same time when this very challenging role was assigned to her. As a result, she shed a tear and was so elated with the said phenomenal reprise of the classic Filipino comic series, Darna. Career wise, it has made Angel Locsin as a big star with an unforgettable pseudonym on the big screen. Since then, she was known as Darna wherever she goes. On a personal level, she has tearfully revealed that this iconic character has helped her a lot in providing a much comfortable life for his beloved family. Thus, this striking development in her illustrious showbiz career makes her too emotional because of so much joy and an overflowing sense of gratitude.

Star Cinema’s colossal blockbuster will be directed by a multi-awarded director Erik Matti. Also, Dondon Monteverde will strongly collaborate with Matti to give in their best shot ever in the vivid cinematic landscape of local and fantasy-series motion pictures. Just the same, Darna will have lots of visual effects that millions of its avid followers have never seem before.

Remarkably, Angel Locsin deserves this rare title role of because it heartwarmingly epitomizes her real persona of possessing a meek, gentle and generous heart who is ready to save the day for the less-fortunate no matter what happens.

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