Animals Human Instincts: The Extraordinary Gift

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Our pets are the most endearing creatures at home. They made us laugh, relieve our life’s stresses and their inherent sixth sense can amazingly save our precious lives. In this article, we are going to discover some of the most fascinating ways where animals human instincts are to be considered as their most amazing gifts from Above. Based on documented and reliable sources, here are the things that they can excellently do just like us.

If my dog is just like this one, I can go wherever my mind wants me to.

If my dog is just like this one, I can go wherever my mind wants me to.

Amazing Human Acts that Your Animals Can Do

Below, are the most awesome things that our dear domesticated animals can do for them-selves and for us as well which make them really a trooper and one-of-kind. Read on.

  • Some animals can do simple math calculations- Would you believe that capuchins can do the pricing and budgeting formulas, alongside with the tactical ways to avoid huge losses when their masters are required to purchase food through the use of tokens?
  • A bear does yoga rituals.- There is a female bear which is named as Sandra, at the Finland’s Ahtari Zoo that gladly entertains her visitors from world over through her 15- minute yoga ritual after taking a nap.
  • A cat gladly guides a blind dog.- A dog who has cataracts on both on both eyes, was guided by a stray cat which was invited to the house of her master, years back. The cat’s astonishing creativity made it possible for her to create a beeline for the sake of the blind dog. From then on, they became the best of friends.

These cute and heartwarming anecdotes about animals human’s instincts have indeed proven that God did create these adorable creatures to make as aware of the fact that wisdom and intelligence know no bounds.


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