Famous showbiz entertainers in the Philippines are not just those persons of whom they are well- known for. They are dreamers in their own unique ways. In support of this conclusion, comedy actor and TV host Anjo Yllana is beginning to change his life for the better as he pursues his plans of becoming a lawyer someday. In effect, this will certainly prove that he is not just an actor that millions of Filipinos used to know. In an interview with one of the most prominent dailies in the Philippines, he has candidly divulged that he is a planning to take up a law course when the right time comes.

Comedy actor and TV host Anjo Yllana wants to be a lawyer someday.

Comedy actor and TV host Anjo Yllana wants to be a lawyer someday.

To begin with, he enrolled at the New Era University. He had just attended some essential lectures in relation to his most gratifying ambition in life. In August, he will officially go to the said university and fulfill his remarkable ambition. He even said.

It is my childhood dream to take up law. I enrolled in evening classes at the New Era University


Politically, he entered this complex endeavor in 1988. First, he has faithfully run as a councilor. From then on, Anjo Yllana became as such of Paranaque City for two years. Afterwards, Yllana to become a vice-mayor on that same year. However, he lawfully resorted to another position to explore. During those days, he victoriously won as a councilor.

As of now, he is not yet interested in assuming another political endeavor until 2022. Insofar as his plans to study law is concerned, his friends in showbiz are truly supportive of this new route of Anjo. Likewise, his desire to become lawyer should be used as a tool of inspiration to lots of young people out there. Personally, Yllana does not want to grow old and have full of regrets.

Therefore, Anjo Yllana he wants to follow the right track to make this a reality. When he becomes successful he wants to be a legal luminary of the Public Attorney’s Office. Truly, Anjo Yllana is born to be an ultimate dreamer.

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