The fierce and courageous mom of Ruffa Gutierrez is extremely in favor of her son’s new girlfriend for two years now. Annabelle Rama, who is passionately enjoying her new showbiz career as an international star happily says that she likes Filipina actress Sarah Lahbati for her son Richard Gutierrez who is also a dramatic actor him-self. According to the matriarch of the popular Gutierrez clan, she indeed likes this young lady because

I really like Sarah because she is industrious when it comes to her job. She is very professional.

Annabelle Rama likes Sarah Lahbati for her son , Richard Gutierrez

Annabelle Rama likes Sarah Lahbati for her son, Richard Gutierrez

In addition, to these reasons as to why Annabelle Rama is so much in favor of Lahbati she said,

She has tamed my son Richard.

According to Rama, her son loved to go out at night whenever he is not too busy with his showbiz commitments. Richard liked going abroad. But now, she sees her son as a different man.

Right now, Annabelle Rama is busy with his family in doing a reality show on E! Channel entitled It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez. In the said reality show, Sarah Lahbati will be a mainstay.

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