Psycho thrillers or paranormal movies have never taken a backseat in the roster of blockbuster flicks. In fact, they have gotten even better in every sequence just like the other similar genres. The Devil Doll in the newest horror film of the year Annabelle, which has a very compelling plot and yet its very controversial R- rating makes it worth seeing; although it features no explicit nudity. The said rating was objectively given by the Motion Picture Association.

Annabelle is a horror movie about a Devil Doll which can leave you at the edge of your seats.

Annabelle is a horror movie about a Devil Doll which can leave you at the edge of your seats.

This was due to the fact that there are numerous sequences in the movie in connection to those disturbing acts of violence. Therefore, this kind of an amazingly crafted storyline has made Annabelle a top grosser which raked a total of $35 million from the very day it was first shown. At the rate things are going, Hollywood seems to be in its heydays once again when it banked on a movie about Annabelle, a devil doll. For most movie reviewers, this movie is actually a prequel of the flick, Conjuring.. It was one of the best movies of 2013. Although its producers had spent millions just to make it, God and fate have been kind to those brilliant people behind project. In fact, it earned as much as $318 million. Unbelievably, its budget was only $20 million.

Hence, to further test the viability of Annabelle in the box office it was only given a budget of $6.5 million. As expected, the producers’ hard earned investments have been returned in limitless abundance. Best of all, its spooky doll has incredibly surpassed the terrorizing effect of Chuckie. Meanwhile, the real Annabelle doll was locked in a museum which was known as Warrens. In the story, it was twice blessed by a Catholic priest. Descriptively, the soon to be Devil Doll was compared to Raggedy Ann. In essence, this movie is all about a horrific doll which looks like a four-year old child with gaping eyes and whose lips which is as red as an ounce of blood. Comparatively, Annabelle rarely moves or speaks. Likewise, it does not hold a knife that is oozing with blood or something to that effect.

As a whole, the overall quality of Annabelle the Devil Doll has been adjudged as insignificant in a way. All because, it is somehow lacking of the terroristic components to purely epitomize as to what a GENUINE horror movie is all about. Nevertheless, it has to be watched with utmost objectivity for movie audiences to personally see if the Devil Doll did not live up to the unwavering expectations of its would be viewers.

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