Sexy actress commercial endorser and TV host, Anne Curtis makes the Filipino nation proud once again upon her remarkable inclusion in the roster of Time Magazine’s 50 Smartest Celebrities of 2014 for Twitter. Curtis, who plays as Dyesebel in the most popular primetime teleseries of all-time in ABS-CBN has even inched those world-renowned celebrities like the author of the phenomenal Harry Potter in the person of JK Rowling who only landed on the 32nd spot, international singer Pitbull placed 36th, Oprah Winfrey placed 42nd and sexy singer Jennifer Lopez capped the 43rd slot. Time Magazine has based their objective and fair ranking process through a reading comprehension test. The said examination was dubbed as the SMOG or Simple Measure of Gobbledygook.

Filipina actress Anne Curtis is one of Time Magazine's Smartest Celebrities for 2014.

Filipina actress Anne Curtis is one of Time Magazine’s Smartest Celebrities for 2014.

The SMOG comprehension examination measures the number of a three-word syllable on Twitter as posted by a certain user. After which, his or her years of education are being carefully calculated to better understand the tweets. Primarily, Anne Curtis’ numerous followers on Twitter might have also factored some tweets which contributed a lot to increase her ranking in the said prestigious competition. Most importantly, the quality of tweets mattered a lot. Meanwhile, Hollywood actor Leonardo Dicaprio has clinched the top spot followed by Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette as well as US host, Jimmy Kimmel. Curtis is a Filipina actress with a foreign blood who is best known for her oozing and an unparalleled confidence in singing. Nevertheless, she never ceases to home her favorite interest. Through the years, she has uncountable and successful concert performances here and abroad.

Anne Curtis has also starred in several television series, which were mostly under the tutelage of her award winning home studio, ABS-CBN 2. Among these are as follows: , The Hunchback Belfry Caretaker and Whoever You Are, to name a few. As we all know, she has a daily noontime show in the Philippines which is entitled as Showtime.

In the magnificent world of filmmaking, Anne Curtis has also made numerous movies like No Other Woman, Babe I Love You and A Secret Affair. However, the most memorable of all these films is nonetheless The Other Woman. This very intriguing flick has won for her FAMAS a Best Actress Award.

Indeed, Anne Curtis has really gone a long, long way. Consequently, there is no stopping her in crafting a kind of an artistic excellence that only she can ever deliver.

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