Actress Anne Curtis aired her reaction to behind the scenes photos of her recent bikini shoot taken during a BJ Pascual pictorial for the April cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines that have made rounds online. The said photos were originally posted by Curtis’ hair stylist, Raymond Santiago on Instagram. Check out Anne Curtis Unedited Cosmopolitan Bikini Photos below.

Anne Curtis Unedited Bikini Photos

Anne Curtis for the April cover of Cosmopolitan Philippines.

According to Anne Curtis, if she had her way, she’d leave any photo of her, be it for a magazine cover or an ad campaign, untouched or with just a few edits. The fans of the 30-year-old actress dubbed her photos a “fitspiration’ for her toned physique, while her showbiz colleagues called her “sexy” and “hot”.

I guess I’ve always been a believer of the ‘no edit’. There have been covers before na medyo over-Photoshopped, so what I’ve done is I asked for the raw file and then I posted the real photo itself. I really don’t believe in too much Photoshop“.

Anne Curtis was referring to a November 2013 magazine cover where she appeared to have fuller hair compared to the raw photo taken by Mark Nicdao. She posted both the original and edited photos on Instagram. She also explained, “Okay sa akin if you have to clean it up a little, a little bit here and there. But if it reaches the point na, like, ‘That’s not how I look…”

Especially nowadays, with Instagram and social media, Facebook pages, they see how you look, so why are you going to go and change that? For me kasi, why? What for? Pangit ba ako? Why are you going to change the way I look, my body or my face“?


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