Anria Galang Espiritu Case Latest Update

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Who is Anria Galang Espiritu? Anria Galang Espiritu is the 26 years old victim, who was reportedly raped before being killed through multiple stab wounds on her neck. She was last seen wearing a T-shirt with a gray skirt and blue necklace until her lifeless body was found in a rice field in Calumpit, Bulacan last August 14, 2014. The young woman graduated from AMA University. She was a freelance model and was working as an HR Officer at United Pulp and Paper Co.

Anria Galang Espiritu Case

Facebook Movement shares this photo asking Justice for Anria Galang Espiritu.

Family of Anria Galang Espiritu became worried when she failed to return home the night before the incident, only to find out that the dead body of a woman floating in the rice field of Calumpit, Bulacan was hers. Around 2:00 a.m., a witness states that she was last seen August 14,2014, about to ride a jeepney on her way home from a party, and that was the time that family members were not able to contact Anria anymore. In the initial investigation conducted by Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) officials showed evidences of the brutal killing of the victim.

It is believed that Anria was raped before she was killed after they saw her underwear lying a few feet away from the crime scene, with traces of blood. The team also found a screwdriver and long iron chain. The victim was found face down, no underwear, and lifeless. Police speculate that the chain found close to the body was the one used to strangle her, while the screwdriver was believed to have been used to stab her neck and nape. With the battered and bloodied victim’s body, Police say it is possible that more than one person raped and killed her. However, they still have no clues as to who have done this and they are still investigating possible traces.

Anria Galang Espiritu Case Latest Update On August 18, Monday afternoon, Calumpit,Bulacan Police officers arrested three suspects for the rape and murder of Anria Galang Espiritu. Jeepney drivers Ramil de Arca and Melvin Ulam were taken into custody, along with Elmer Joson, the jeepney driver who visited the victim’s wake together with his live-in partner in Barangay Iba Este, telling her family that she boarded his jeepney in Cabanas, Malolos City, in the wee hours of Thursday morning (August 14) and he denied any part in the crime.

All three suspects denied the allegations against them, but police say they have two witnesses who claimed they saw the men transferring Espiritu to another vehicle. Also in the wake, Espiritu’s relatives noted that Joson had scratch marks all over his body and quickly told the police about their suspicions. When Joson was brought in for questioning, his live-in partner, Delia Dionisia, claimed that it was she who scratched him, adding that she was also in the jeepney.

Despite their denials, the three drivers are now facing charges.

Meanwhile, family and friends of Anria are currently seeking justice of her death. A Facebook fan page was created and important information was added to it including the location of her wake in Calumpit, Bulacan. Her fan page is currently hitting 15,715 likes and is continually getting thousands of posts and and comments. They believe that by sharing and liking her pages, Anria Galang Espiritu Case will be spread and will be a great help to gather more information.

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