The psychological and dreading effects of depression might soon be a thing of the past. In today’s modern world and lifestyle, there is a viral cafe that is making waves in Japan. This is uniquely called as the anti-loneliness cafe. Interestingly, Japanese geniuses could have accurately read the minds of people who are oftentimes suffering from depressive states.

Let’s get down to the basics. This unique and amazing anti-loneliness cafe in Japan is specifically meant for those people who usually do not have a companion of their own in doing some recreational activities like dining and the likes. Therefore, there are some clever Japanese businessmen behind the now famous Moomin House CafĂ©, who had brilliantly thought of another captivating business gimmick. Look at this. Every lone diner has a lovable companion which could be a family of white-colored Hippos called the Moomins. This is just one of the most adorable characters of this newest hangout of loners that will surely help them forget about their sadness even for just a day.

The unique and amusing anti-loneliness cafe in Japan makes customers really happy.

The unique and amusing anti-loneliness cafe in Japan makes customers really happy.

These funny characters of Japan’s anti-loneliness cafe was designed by a notable Finnish illustrator. He is no other than but the famous writer, Tove Jansson. Descriptively, these imaginary companions of Japanese diners are actually stuffed animals which would keep them company while they are eating their sumptuous meals. Currently, there are three Moomin House Cafes which are successfully operating in the The Land of the Rising Sun. As far as their convenient outlets are concerned, these can be any of the following: Moomin Bakery & Cafe at Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka, Moomin House Cafe at Solamachi and lastly, they have the another anti-loneliness cafe branch at Tokyo Dome City.

Now, when is the best time to visit this extraordinary food joint in Japan? Well, if you want a quieter atmosphere it is best to drop by at Moomin’s Cafe on weekdays. Of course, they are still open during weekends. But it is more jampacked with curious customers who also wanted to know the unmatched trade secrets of Moomins Cafe. Aside from this irresistible characters, the owners and operators of the said business venture also serve delectable Moomins pastries, Finnish rye and other food varieties.

Surprisingly, the marvelous anti-loneliness cafe in Japan knows how to address depression in the most inexpensive and endearing way. All it takes is just a serving of good food and an attractive Moomin sitting right beside you.


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