The fun and excitement of taking pictures of your-self can somehow be considered as a stress-relieving hobby and at the same time, it is something which enhances our creativity in the most unique ways. As it becomes popular in just a short span of time, this simple pastime of millions across the globe has even reached the extensive breadth of social media. But what if an anti-selfie bill will be passed in Congress and it will be implemented in the soonest time possible? How will it affect those people who perceive selfie as their exceptional ways in expressing them-selves? In effect, this will signal the bitter end of a selfie craze in the social media arena. The anti-selfie bill is known as House Bill 4807 or the Protection Against Personal Intrusion Act. It was authored by the following Filipino lawmakers: Rufus Rodriguez, Maximo Rodriguez, Jorge Almonte, Gwendolyn Garcia, Linabelle Ruth Villarica, Lito Atienza and Leopoldo Bataoil.

The anti-selfie bill in the Philippines will somehow curtail the self-expression of creative Pinoys.

The anti-selfie bill in the Philippines will somehow curtail the self-expression of creative Pinoys.

Based on the primal contents of the anti-selfie bill, the capturing of an image or even the recording of any sound are considered as manners of personal intrusion. In essence, it also encompasses in its full context these statutory components, according to its authors.

Intrusion of personal privacyā€¯ is defined as any person who willfully intrudes into the personal privacy of another, without the consent of that person and with the intent to gain or profit therefrom, shall be civilly liable to the offended party.

Moreover, the anti-selfie bill includes the trespassing act of a person on a privately-owned property with the intent of taking shots of private images can be regarded as an unlawful act. Meanwhile, the anti-selfie bill is on its third reading at the House of Representatives. In conclusion, it be should be critically introspected because majority of the Filipinos might misunderstood the said proposed bill although its provisions are clearly stated including its well-emphasized parameters.

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