Technology knows the leaps and bounds of reality. In this regard, there are many interesting things that we all ought to know if we are to decide to buy the awesome and versatile Apple I0S 8.1, which was proudly unveiled earlier today. Essentially, this newest trend in mobile technology include the so-called bug fixes, an oozing composite of versatile features which are extremely user-friendly allowing millions to never live without.

The trendy and innovative Apple IOS 8.1 allows every user to utilize one gadget to another through its Continuity feature.

The trendy and innovative Apple IOS 8.1 allows every user to utilize one gadget to another through its Continuity feature.

Why Should You You Have an Apple IOS 8.1?

Primarily, this has a Camera Roll, an ICloud application and so much more which we should extensively explore inside and out. Among the basic highlights of this mobile phone is the Continuity mechanism. According to its brilliant innovators, this allows you to easily shift from an IPhone, iPad and Mac if you have all these in your possession. Apart from these, the magnificent mechanism has these precious features as well. These are Phone Calling, Instant Hotspot and an SMS technology like no other. By the way, some of its Continuity essentials have been installed from the very day that the Yosemite came into the picture. Perhaps, the next best about this colossal gadget is that it guarantees each and everyone of us to exceptionally support its SMS capability from any given device.

To expound, there is no doubt that you can send the most important messages from across the globe. To make things more flexible and easy as a piece of cake it has blue-colored backgrounds. In the same manner, an ordinary SMS can be clearly distinguished through its fascinating color of refreshing green. Meanwhile, the Instant Hotspot will only be active if you happen to have a much needed update of your new mobile buddy with a unique personification of the Apple IOS 8.1. On the other hand, if you are not within a WiFI range, your MAC or IPAD cannot make the necessary connections to keep you touch with the world.

The ICloud Photo Library

This application provides every user to save the most memorable photos of you alongside with your videos to your official ICloud account. Uniquely, if this feature is already capable in your device, smaller photos can be easily stored in your outrageous mobile phone. Best of all, such a distinctive component will be accessible to any IOS operated device. Moreover, those frequently used Apple plans to amazingly sync with your ICloud Photo Library through the most sophisticated version of your Photo Apps of your Mac.

The Apple Pay

The Apple Pay is the most inexpressible feature of this latest craze in mobile innovation. Actually, this is the much awaited feature because it is a type of mobile payment that tremendously allow users to innovatively pay for the goods or restaurant transactions which make use of your almost do it all Apple IOS 8.1. Ultimately, this opts to replace the traditional use of credit cards. To keep your transactions safe, it is built with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and Passbook.

Now, to extensively prove the effectiveness of the Apple Pay System Apple has affiliated the device with almost 220,000 retail locations. These include the following: Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Walgreens to name a few. Lastly, the participating restaurant where the Apple Pay System is widely accepted are: Subway, Panera Bread and Mc Donald’s.

Indeed, the Apple IOS 8.1 is more than just an ordinary mobile phone that can never let you down in good and bad times.

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