Grammy acclaimed singer Anita Baker is facing a problem after she was served an arrest warrant by a Wayne County Circuit judge. The said warrant of arrest was in connection to a debt that she allegedly incurred after she hired the services of a company for some extensive repairs of her lavish home in Gross Pointe. As far as the total debt of Baker is concerned, its alleged amount was estimated at $15,000 dollars.

anita baker

Award-winning international singer, Anita Baker has been served an arrest warrant for a debt of $15,000

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Anita Baker in the person of Atty. Jamal Hamood had said that he will immediately file a motion of cancellation for that particular warrant. He will file it this Friday. As far as Anita Baker is concerned, she has no idea of the said document. Looking back, the complaint against her was filed by the popular firm two years ago. Currently, the famous singer is out-of-town at the moment. Anita Baker will remain wherever she is, until the issue gets cleared in the coming weeks.

Anita Baker might be at the losing end these days. But one thing is certain. She will successfully hurdle it just like any other celebrity did.

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