Astral Healing: A way to diagnose and heal from a distance

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Astral healing is one of the most difficult challenges of Sister Marah Santiago. When performing this practice, she puts her life in great risk. If in case something goes wrong, it may cause her, her life. This is the main reason why there is always someone beside her, during her extraordinary journeys to heal other people whom she cannot see personally, due to inevitable circumstances. In this paranormal story, Sister Marah divulged to the writer of this article on how a sanctified and an incredible saint, by the name of Padre Po had miraculously healed a 5-year old kid who was diagnosed with pneumonia and primary complex medical problems.

The child whom we will name Sarah have been diagnosed with respiratory ailment by medical doctors. Despite of the fact that they were curable kinds of illnesses, the doctors cannot totally identify the signs and symptoms of the disease. Almost all kinds of medication were given to Sarah and none of them cured her. With this, her parents sought the help of Sister Marah, a divine healer in the Philippines. On a fine and sunny Sunday afternoon, the aunt of Sister Marah had told her about the plight of the child.

Astral Healing

Out of compassion, Sister Marah had immediately performed Astral Healing by spiritually diagnosing the sickness of the child by only using information such as Sarah’s birthday and her real name. Sister Marah have started to read them spiritually, to determine the true nature of the problem and after a few seconds, the result was finally out. Sarah was indeed suffering from pneumonia and primary complex. However, there was another major reason why those prescribed antibiotics cannot exhibit its efficacy. The main reason is that Sarah was likened by a red dwarf who was playing with her every 3:00 am. This explains why Sarah was having chest congestion and high fever, during those wee hours of the morning.

The next day, Sarah was brought to Sister Marah’s residence. Looking so weak and exhausted, you can see from Sarah’s face that she desperately wanted to be healed immediately. To her childlike mind, she wondered how she is going to be healed with the use of 3 needles, a handkerchief, a bottle of mineral water and some round fruits without seeds. Needless to say, Sister Marah started her healing process by lighting 12 white candles before. Then she requested her Aunt who was with her to do the offering of fruits, food and water to the spirit of the red dwarf, who has been pestering Sarah for almost 2 weeks. Sister Marah then began to perform Acupuncture and started to pray.

After the session, the faith healer have told Sarah’s mother that she will talk to her Santo Nino and Padre Pio who she called “The Stigmatic Priest” to visit the child at 3:00 am via Astral Projection along with Sister Marah. True to her promise, the spiritual entourage visited the sick child. During that time, Sarah was too asleep. As she was enjoying in a wonderland of dreams, Padre Pio had appeared to him. “The miracle wonder priest told Sarah, “My dear child, the red dwarf was already gone.” I have had completely healed you.” But, I want you to remember the following: First, do not eat too many sweets. Never quarrel with your siblings; and most importantly, do not get near the camias tree where the red dwarf resides”. Humbly, the little girl said. “Yes, Father Pio”. When dawn had broke up, Sarah came out from her bed completely cured. She vividly recalled her conversation with Padre Pio. Remarkably, she doesn’t have a fever anymore.

Sister Marah has revealed to us her healing secrets and how the paranormal phenomenon of astral projection can help her cure mysterious sicknesses that no scientific medication can cure. Based on the personal accounts of Sister Marah, she had discovered that God had blessed her with the wisdom and power to perform astral projection in 2001. Her first ever patient where she had used her divine healing gift is a Filipina nurse who worked in Ireland. She got comatose due to a viral infection in her brain and doctors have already revealed that the infection had given the patient a 50-50 chance of survival. Sister Marah was able to cure her by performing Astral Healing. Since then, Sister Marah had successfully performed astral project and astral healing to numerous patients from that year on-wards.


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