Astral Projection: Spiritual Travel through Time and Space

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The commensuration of paranormal phenomenon need lot of scientific and extensive researches to prove the veracity of an existing event or situation, which is far and beyond the commonalities of one’s cognitive faculties. One of the most interesting subject matters of paranormal psychology is the “out of the body experience” or astral projection.

By definition, it is a paranormal experience which is composed of an astral body that exceptionally possesses the capability to travel outside the bounds of the material body. Generally, an astral body leaves a person’s well-being to proceed to an astral plane. Furthermore, its idea came from the roots of common religious beliefs such as the afterlife. To explain, this phenomenon happens when a soul goes ascent or proceeds to another dimension which is very much different from a physical world. This is what paranormal experts refer to as the higher realms.

In addition, an astral projection is closely associated with a near death experience. Likewise, it can be correlated with dreams, illnesses, operations or surgeries, sleep paralysis and meditations. Meanwhile, the succeeding sections of this article will mainly focus on the varying beliefs as far as this phenomenon is concerned.

Astral Projection

Different beliefs associated with Astral Projection

Astral projection has different religious orientations or beliefs that greatly influence its preponderance and applications. Below, are some of the most popular suppositions about astral projection. Take a look at each one of them and learn more, as you read along this write up.

  1. Western Philosophies – Based on the classical, medieval and the renaissance periods, the astral body is seen as the linking or intermediate body which perfectly links the rational soul to the material body of an individual. Speaking of the astral plane, it is said to be the mediation of light between earth and heaven. Moreover, in the astral plane this is a portion of the universe which is populated by angels, demons and spirits. The philosophies of the western world believed that the so-called “subtle bodies” are somehow linked to the different planes of existence, to form esoteric systems which have direct and dynamic connections with astral projection.
  2. The Holy Scriptures – In the final chapter of the Book of Ecclesiastes, it made mention about this extraordinary phenomenon, known as astral projection. To date, here is the exact excerpt. “Before the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be shattered at the fountain, or the wheel be broken at the cistern.”
  3. Islam – The Quran and Hadith beliefs describe astral projection as the “night journey” which is commonly known as the Isra and Mi’raj, wherein Mohammed is transported to Jerusalem, going to the heaven sevens.
  4. Ancient Egypt – The Ancient Egypt’s religious orientation is that a soul can travel outside the physical body

5 Beginners Tips for Astral Projection

Astral projection for beginners is not too diverse from people who are already experts in this kind of paranormal endeavor. But, the only major and ultimate difference is the way on how they effectively deal and use this unique gift of paranormal wisdom. Consequently, here are the 5 effective tips that should be mastered and accurately remembered by astral projection neophytes. To prepare yourself for an astral travel, you must:

  1. Grasp or understand the whole process itself. In this respect, always remember that you must not study nor explore the phenomenon out of your curiosity. To have a successful and fruitful astral projection, search for quality reading materials that will help you out in having a clear-cut understanding about this very exciting and yet dangerous paranormal activity. Among the essentials of astral projection that you should know are its advantages and setbacks.
  2. Look for an expert as your best guide. For astral beginners, it is sufficient enough to be familiar with the concept itself. The achievement of an astral projection success requires one to have an expert beside him or her to provide hours of rigid training sessions of both body and mind. Also, an astral traveler must have lots of patience and perseverance prior to the production of satisfactory results.
  3. Employ the adequate and appropriate aids. Purchase audio aids. These are in the forms of CD’S, DVD’S and the likes to make the process faster and more effective at that. Usually, these paranormal aids help the brain to shift brain frequencies for a more conducive and successful astral projection.
  4. Stop looking or expecting for it to happen immediately. Always bear in mind that this is a step-by step process. To be able to fully experience the beauty and wonders of astral projection, never dare to ask yourself, “Is this it?”. On the contrary, if you are going to adopt this line of questioning, there is no doubt that you cannot experience astral projection no matter what you do.
  5. Seek the intercession of an astral guide. Ask a paranormal practitioner on how to have an astral guide. By having this, you will never put your material and spiritual body at risk.

History of Astral Projection

Astral projection is one of the oldest means of achieving inner peace through OBE and meditations. There were not so much historical accounts as far as this paranormal phenomenon is concerned. However, various written records have reflected that it is as old as other Hindu beliefs, such as karma and reincarnation. Nevertheless, the birth of astral projection is never certain up to this very day. On the other hand, remarkable researchers about the subject matter have claimed that an out of the body experience was first practiced in the “Lost City of Atlantis”.

Schools of Thought Involved in Astral Projection

The Phasing and the Mystical Models are the two broad and general school of thoughts in astral projection.

  • Phasing Model- This is the first school of thought about astral projection, which was founded and formulated by Robert Monroe, who holds the belief that it is so much impossible that a person can actually leave his or her body in the strictest sense of the word. Similarly, the astral planes and the physical bodies are merely attributed to as points of the long and endless spectrum of the conscious mind. Accordingly, this particular school of thought holds the contention that in an out of the body experience, a person is literally shifting in another area of consciousness; as well as the locales it contains.
  • Mystical Model- It includes a wide selection of belief system and astral maps. As to the concept of astral projection, the founder and students of this school of thought believe that astral projection takes place in the actual external body of the projector. In addition, this model presents the comprehensive and detailed description of a subtle energy body that carries ones consciousness out of the physical body.

Astral Projection Conception

Basically, the first notion about astral projection had originated from the fervent wish of man to continually exist after death. Conversely, those people who believe in astral travel assume that the notion that the spirit could unlatch itself from the physical body and move away, which gives rise to the belief that a person may continue to keep living even after death.

In the event of an astral projection, the conscious mind departs the physical body and moves into an astral body. Moreover, when an individual is having an out of the body experience, he or she remains to be connected to his or her physical body. Astral projection can be achieved by people naturally or spontaneously by the employment of deep meditation or lucid dreaming.

Astral projection is a divine gift and wisdom from God. It is an immeasurable journey through time and space. Therefore, science and human nature must be open to the inconceivable and endless possibilities of the powerful and dynamic facets of a human mind and body, regardless of scientific breakthroughs’ continuous evolution.

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