Science has constantly searched for the much needed answers insofar the ultimate causes of autism, is concerned. Based on the findings of medical experts, it is a lifelong behavioral disorder which has no definite cause. However, there are various alternative treatment approaches which have been highly suggested for the benefit of those adults and children worldwide. Some of the best known cures are as follows: Adequate diet, the daily intake of nutritional supplements, auditory training and behavioral methodologies that are very much suited to the kind of autism that an individual is affected with.

The succeeding paragraphs will delve around the ultimate causes of autism in detail. Constantine A. Kotsanis, M.D., believes that among the leading causes of this medical condition are the following: Digestive deficiencies, vaccinations, allergen on food and even the antibiotics that you are taking on a daily basis.

Autistic Child

An autistic child can be caused by numerous factors such vaccines, antibiotics and heavy metal poisoning.

Causes of Autism that You Should Know About

These are the prominent factors that might trigger the occurrence of autism during its early onset.

  1. Digestive Deficiencies– Among the contributory factors are: Yeast infections, parasites and the likes.
  2. Antibiotics– Many children will suffer from such a degenerating behavioral disorder after having given some antibiotics. Accordingly, the destruction of a good bacteria paves the way for the growth of bacteria. In effect, if this will be left untreated it will definitely cause the development of a gut leaky syndrome. This triggers the progression of the undigested food particles to get into a person’s blood circulation can cause autoimmune reactions that can possibly cause of having autistic children in the long run.
  3. Vaccinations– Did you know that those multiple toxic ingredients in numerous vaccines which are directly injected into the bloodstream can cause autism? Moreover, those toxic materials from mercury and aluminum can severely cause an oxidative stress in the brain as well as brain inflammations can cause autism in children.

Generally, the complex medical profile of autism should be an integral part of every would be mothers in the future to be able to be aware of the fact that autism can also be prevented in so many ways.


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