The famous Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal, is one the timeless and wonderful treasures that God has blessed every Filipino who loves and appreciates the unique and endearing ways that these animals possess; to make them even more lovable and unforgettable. This tourist attraction which was established in 2005, is being managed and operated by the dynamic and goal-driven staff of the Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation. At present, this highly-maintained zoo is the biggest animal institution for Filipinos and those tourists who are willing to spend their most cherished travel rendezvous in the Philippines. Descriptively, this amazing zoo has an approximate measurement of 7.5 hectares lovingly takes care of almost 3,000 species of rare or exotic wildlife creations; which is comprised of almost 600 species of reptiles, mammals, amphibians and birds.

Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal.

Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal.

Likewise, the Zoo of Avilon has a wide collection of the different native animals or fauna.To preserve or conserve this newly-established zoo in the most scientific means, it has an ex-situ program of conservation. Amazingly, this is also the tranquil haven of several plant species. Meanwhile, some of these captivating faunas are regarded as endemic to the Philippine Islands. In the coming years, it aspires to be one of Southeast Asian region’s finest zoos with state-of-the-art facilities for a remarkable wildlife proliferation. In addition, it has hired competent tour guides and gladly offered many field trip packages which aim to promote and enhance the Filipinos’ knowledge about the awesome and fascinating world of Philippine Wildlife. If you want to discover all about its incredible highlights, these can be any of the following: It gives visitors or spectators the chance to feed some animals such as the arapaimas, huge and friendly tortoises, water fowls that are considered as exotic and last but not the least; are the groups of deer that happily mingle with the other friendly and adorable creatures which only Avilon Zoo can ever put together in one safe and secured zoo.

Comparatively, this is much more spacious than Manila Zoo itself. It has an ark-type façade despite of the fact that it has a limited number of animals. Overall, this eight-year old tourist spot has enticing features that you can never find in the other zoos around Mega Manila. Try to imagine this, using your creative visualization. It has a fine dining area which is coupled with a relaxing bay to rejuvenate your senses. Apart from that, it has the most colorful school of fish that will really make you feel and appreciate the immeasurable and vast marine resources of the Philippines without spending a fortune. Similarly, it has a fully-equipped floating restaurant that lets you experience a food feast galore in the wilderness. On its downside, it does not have other attractions that presumably could become as X-factors of Avilon Zoo, in the not so distant future. As for their so-called souvenir shops, these kiosks do not sell much stuff as compared to those tiangges in Greenhills and Greenbelt during the quivering Yuletide Season.

On the contrary, there are insufficient food stalls that are described to be highly affordable to the masses. To the very least, you should need more exercising routines prior to your much awaited visit at Avilon Zoo. The main reason why? There is no other means of transportation within the premises of the zoo, which will unselfishly tour you around while you are trying to make the most out of leisure journey in this mini jungle in the heart of Rodriguez, Rizal. The sweetest relationship between man and animals can be impressively described as one of the best attributes of God’s unbelievable creations. Simply because, spectators and those dedicated zoo caretakers alike are both having a great time with these talented animals. Four tigers, a funny monkey with a red-colored face, slider turtles of about a hundred, furious-looking crocodiles and domesticated cats which are running to and fro inside their cages. At Avilon, you can eagerly find an ark- inspired zoo in Tiendesitas. Specifically, the widely popular branch of this fast rising tourist attraction in the Philippines is conveniently found at Frontera Verde in Ortigas Avenue; corner C-5, Pasig City.

Actually, the management of Zoo Avilon rightfully asserts that this tourist spot is the first and only interactive zoo in the Philippines which is categorically classified as an “indoor type of zoo”. As far as its architectural framework of this innovative zoo is concerned, it was fashioned after a biblical prototype which is known to many as Noah’s Ark. Logically, it literally looks like a humble and serene boat which is filled with different animals. Also, it has a wide variety of animals which are enclosed in a glass wall for your easy and more fruitful viewing pleasure. However, visitors are advised not to tap the glass or whatsoever in order not to psychologically disrupt the daily activities of the animals. There is also an area which is slightly similar to a slope for your fun-filled interaction with the animals. At the Ark Avilon Zoo, the rear part of this very creative and stylish zoo in the world is highlighted with posh and small waterfalls. More so, it has a crystal-clear pond for the benefit of those aquatic creatures.

Adorable crocodiles in Avilon Zoo.

Adorable crocodiles in Avilon Zoo.

For those animal lovers who want to feed guinea pigs and rabbits even for just a few hours, there is a versatile feeding station that is found on the second floor of the zoo. Just spare a small amount of Php 10.00 and you will be given a little carrot on a stick for your animal feeding adventures. Some of the amiable animals that can be found at the Ark Avilon Zoo are as follows: Rabbits, leopards, sheep, a sea eagle and a black pig to name a few. The said zoo is open every 9:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening, during Mondays thru Thursdays. During weekends, it can serve you from Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10 A.M. till 7 P.M. including holidays. It is extremely clean and very much perfect for those toddlers and children who are below three years of age. On the other hand, if you are going to ask about their flexible and affordable rates, the zoo named as Avilon charges Php 400 per head for adults and Php 300 for children.

Getting There

Commuters from Cubao, Quezon City must ride an FX kind of transportation that will travel all the way to Eastwood. This kind of vehicle is usually parked just in front of famous fast food chains like Tropical Hut and Jollibee. Now, once you have already reached Eastwood; the next step that you have to do is to ride an orange-coded tricycle which will cost you around Php 40.00

Explore the beauty and madness of Philippine Wildlife at the mind boggling Zoo of Avilon and relive your childhood fantasies all over again.

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