Award-winning director Erik Matti got really annoyed when a famous actress has allegedly refused to shoot for his very remarkable project, Monster’s Chronicles. He aired his bitter sentiments via his posts on Facebook. Director Erik Matti has said that Lovi Poe and his manager Leo Dominguez were no shows in his latest film’s shooting. In response, the notable director had said of Lovi.

Award-winning director Erik Matti was very disappointed with Lovi Poe and her no show attitude.

Award-winning director Erik Matti was very disappointed with Lovi Poe and her no show attitude.

I’ve always thought highly of actors, stars and celebrities being intelligent enough to make the right choices for the roles they want to play on films. I have been disappointed several times in the past but I am always hopeful that maybe next time actors will make the right one.

In reference to Lovi Poe, he said.

It may not be as important a film as a Cinemalaya entry but I think it’s a fun worthy project to do.

Prior to their disagreement, Director Erik Matti said that everything was going on smoothly until Lovi had suddenly did not report for the last two shooting days of Monster Chronicles. When asked about Poe, he said.

That holds true for Dingdong (even if he is a co-producer), Joey Marquez, Janice De Belen (even if she died on the first one. Who knows, she might re-appear as the ghost conscience of Joey Marquez), Ramon Bautista (that even if his Bart character died, he’s now back in the 2nd film in a surprise role) and of course, Lovi.

Further, Erik Matti said.

For months now, we, the producers and the production have been struggling to negotiate with Lovi and her managers to shoot the opening sequence. Over a month ago, we got word that she does not want to do it because it was just for two days. We dangled every possible option just to get her to agree with us EVEN WHEN WE HAVE A SOLID CONTRACT TO HOLD HER UP TO THIS 2nd film, but she and her manager Leo Dominguez still said no. (Even if, by the way, our new lead actress, Isabelle Daza is also coming from the same manager).

Despite of Erik Matti’s last ditch to establish a communication, Poe was allegedly demanding a huge sum of money in exchange of Erik Matti’s impending film. After which, he angrily said.

Lovi was only trying to extort money from us without any intention or whatsoever to finish our film.

He further clarified that he does not want to put the film in a bad light. All that he wanted was the project to be finished no more, no less.

This post is long overdue. As part producer of the film, I don’t want any negative publicity to put the film in a bad light. I only decided today to post this because it has been 3 weeks now and we have been looking for a replacement for Lovi and we couldn’t find anyone. I just realized, Lovi screwed us up! And even with a contract binding us to her, show business doesn’t really operate that way. As much as possible, whatever the conflict avoid any corporate and legal confrontation.

At the rate things are going, Erik Matti and Lovi Poe should talk things over for the sake of professionalism and good ethical standards of an actress and a multi-awarded director.

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