Since we are too preoccupied with those things which are extremely vital for our own personal development and productivity, all of us tend to suffer at times from a funny but alarming absent-minded syndrome. It was not clearly emphasized by experts if this has something to do with our cognitive functioning which is sometimes wired with so many inevitable concerns in our fast-paced lives or is it any problem which is purely psychological in nature. Regardless of its medical overview, here are some of the time-tested and proven tips on how we can do away with our absent-mindedness the best way that we can. Well, according to medical practitioners, one of the most helpful hints to effectively help us in our moments of temporary forgetfulness is to Put back everything into place after each and every use.

Absent-mindedness syndrome.

Absent-mindedness syndrome.

This tip might be too elementary for all of us. But, it really works to our advantage if we ought to try it now wherever we are. Next, always make it habit to make a list of what you must accomplish for particular day. After which, you must be able to focus your attention on those activities that you desire to successfully accomplish for a given period of time. Our absent-mindedness syndrome makes us late for our important meetings and dates within a given time. To resolve, make use of timers everyday to make us conscious that every minute counts a lot. So, you won’t have any excuse that you are not able to fulfill your promise about something to a given person. Also, you need to follow a definite schedule everyday. Of course, it has to be followed to the letter. Delegate responsibilities. This will be much easier for you to remember everything in stride. Put a sticky note wherever you want to place to remember every detail with ease. Do your task one at a time. This will make your absent-minded syndrome be on the sidelines and your tasks equally done in utmost perfection.

Moreover, make sure that you have an accountability buddy. This could be the most special person in your life, that can do these sample tasks for you on a regular basis. For instance, he or she will check your texts, mails, payment of your bills among others. Familiarize your-self with de cluttering method. Simply, throw away those things that you do not need anymore. Lastly, you must learn how to adopt the method of foreseeing the consequences of your past and future actions. Simply, it means to say that sometimes your absent-minded syndrome affects other people without your awareness. Therefore, you must critically analyze your-self before your absent-mindedness syndrome kills you.

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