On Sunday, every father around the world has a reason to celebrate most specially those young dads of today’s generation. Filipino actor and debonaire heartthrob Richard Gutierrez will gladly celebrate Father’s Day with lots of visitors and well-wishers most specially from their respective parents.

According to the younger Gutierrez this momentous occasion is the star-studded christening of his eldest son, Baby Zion. Though the venue of this very important event is not disclosed to local press, it is all set a few days from now.

Richard Gutierrez will joyously celebrate Father's Day, with his only son, Zion.

Richard Gutierrez will joyously celebrate Father’s Day, with his only son, Zion.

Moreover, their most cherished commemoration of Father’s Day will never be erased from his memory It simply because, both Sarah and Richard Gutierrez have proven time and again that the essence of a man’s existence is to have a simple family with a precious treasure like Baby Zion that money cannot satisfyingly equate with.


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