Back to School Blunders of the Education Department

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The fun and excitement of going back to school among today’s generation of brilliant and persevering students are just some of the normal scenarios in most schools across the country this coming Monday, June 2, 2014. These future leaders of this nation are very much eager to learn new things that would make them the best of what they are years from now. New books, notebooks, pencils, bags, shoes socks and pens are only some of the things that vividly complete the phrase, Back to school. However, the back to school blunders of the Department of Education might ruin the first day of classes of those students who are expecting so much more from their respective mentors.

The Department of Education's back to school blunders are here again.

The Department of Education’s back to school blunders are here again.

The Department of Education’s back to school blunders are too many to mention. Among these are as follows: Lack of books, lack of classrooms, some decent and efficient school facilities like functional toilets and the likes. Surprisingly, what caught my attention the most is the disgusting fact that DepEd is not prepared to use nor to introduce the books to Grade 9 students. To date, there are some teachers who are very much anxious to teach on Monday because they are not intellectually ready. It is due to the fact, the most of the books for Grade 9 are not yet finished. Therefore, these dedicated mentors of the academe are finding their own unique ways on how to get through next week with this kind of situation.

The Department of Education’s back to school blunders must be immediately resolved so as to foster an enriching gift of knowledge that would swiftly prepare these youths to achieve greater heights.

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