Bacterial Soap Causes Breast Cancer?

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Good hygiene goes with a unique personality. But sometimes, those things that we use out of necessity might cause us to have major problems in the long run. Do you think its fair enough? Some experts say that a bar of bacterial soap has lots of harmful pathogens according to the latest findings of South Korean experts. Primarily, triclosan a main ingredient in bacterial soaps promotes cancer especially when it used for a longer period of time.

Kyung-Chul Choi, the leading researcher and his colleagues from Chungbuk National University alongside with the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, has intensively studied triclosan and these are their conclusive findings: First, it affects the hormonal system. Thus, as it mimics the female hormone it has an irreversible effect on the endocrine system. In this regard, it also causes abnormal cell growths. Likewise, Chul-Choi has this to say.

Although the doses of EDCs were somewhat high, we did this to simulate the effects of daily exposure, as well as body accumulation due to long-term exposure, simultaneously in animal experiments. Thus, exposure to EDCs may significantly increase the risk of breast cancer development and adversely affect human health.

One of the most widely used commodity just like a bar of a bacterial soap causes bacterial cancer.

One of the most widely used commodity just like a bar of a bacterial soap causes bacterial cancer.

Aside from triclosan, bacterial soaps also contain octylphenol which can also a triggering factor why you are somewhat susceptible to breast cancer. With all these dangerous research findings, there is no safer way to immediately address this health concern but to recall all these products from global markets. After which, try to substitute them with organic beauty soaps, instead.

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