The endless and treacherous Baghdad bombings are also considered as the darkest phases in global history. These have suddenly occurred in mostly areas of the Shiites. Ultimately, this has to be regarded as a Sunni invested plan and is considered to be the biggest attack in the territory since this kind of violence all started. During the first bomb explosion, a suicide car bomber drove on a police checkpoint, which killed nine people, that have included seven policemen and wounding 21 others most specifically in the district of Abu Dsheer.

These are only some of the fatalities of Baghdad bombings.

These are only some of the fatalities of Baghdad bombings.

Likewise, a total of other four car bombs had killed more than 10 people in the district of Baaya in Baghdad. In addition, there was a bomb that was laid on the side of the road. These horrific terrorist attack have continued to haunt the country’s economy and its people as a whole. Briefly, there were more than 5,000 fatalities of these bomb attacks since January. This unfortunate incident all happened when the Sunni insurgents have deliberately overran the city of Falluja.

To close. these senseless Baghdad bombings have catapulted the worst crimes in the world history. Only time can tell when these ideological skirmishes will ever end.

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