Since Philippines is a tropical country, people really find it hard to look for a place for rescue when the summer time comes. Some people go to the beaches and swim, while others go up north where the temperature is lower than it is in the Metro. And what else is the best place to be during summer? Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Located at the northern part of the Luzon island, this place is a sure hit to every visitor not only for the comfort that the climate brings but also the wonderful sites to be visited.

  1. Burnham Park – located at the heart of the city, this is a place to sit, have picnic, ride bikes, play with your kids and even row a boat! The place has a man-made lake wherein numerous boats can be rented so you can enjoy the scenery around the park. If you don’t want to get into the water, bikes for rent are also around the place so you could stroll around.
  2. Mines View Park – another known park in the city, this site has an overlooking view of the mountains around it. Many souvenir shops can also be found around the park from where you can choose a lot of tokens to bring home.
  3. Good Shepherd Convent – as the name suggests, this place is a convent for nuns but this is also the most wanted Baguio delicacy shop. From ube and strawberry jams, this offers a wide variety of products made by the Good Shepherd nuns. The place is just about two blocks away from Mines View so tourists usually go here after making a stop to the said park.
  4. Camp John Hay – another place to relax, this camp used to be the recreational facility for the US military. Nowadays, people come here to ride a horse and stroll around the park. There is also a golf course for those who are a fan of the game. Another known part of this camp is the Cemetery of Negativism wherein negative emotions are being buried in hopes of renewing one’s feelings.
  5. Session Road – while it’s odd to think that there’s nothing to be found on a single road, you might be surprised on what Session could offer. Along the road are numerous restaurants and food chains to satisfy your every need. A wide variety of cuisines to choose from. Also, aside from these food stops, you can also see ukay-ukay stores wherein you can find clothes, dresses and other items. Look very well because you might find some branded items at a very, very low price.
  6. Tam-Awan Village – a not-so-known tourist spot around Baguio City, this place is best to visit if you want a taste of the native culture of the city. Igorot huts are found inside the place and you can also witness traditional dances performed by some of the Igorot themselves. There is also a café inside it wherein you can relax and enjoy the quietness of the place.
  7. Lourdes Grotto – Catholic visitors always make it a point to visit this shrine to offer prayers and give thanks to Our Lady of Lourdes. Located on a high hill with a total of 252 steps, people don’t mind the climb just to visit the statue on top it.

There are a lot more places to visit when you go to Baguio City and a day’s trip would never be enough. Hotels and transients are all over the place so if you want to stay here, then accommodations won’t be a part of your worries. Just a 5-6 hours drive from Manila, this place is indeed a go-to site for those wanting to have a weekender getaway.

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