An extraordinary kind of creativity begets an unprecedented popularity.This is a remarkable facet of the Filipino culture that cannot be surpassed by any other country the world over. In the splendid province of Ilocos Sur, it proudly presents to the world the striking magnificence of the ever versatile and sturdy, bamboo ferris wheel. This was successfully made by a humble and genius man from the tranquil barrio of Barangay Marnay, Sinait in Ilocos Sur.

How could a conventional ferris wheel like this be made into a bamboo?

How could a conventional ferris wheel like this be made into a bamboo?

As far as this newest work of art, the said ferris wheels’ poles are beautifully made of bamboo materials. Mang Johnny, the genius behind this amusement thrill has joyously revealed that he dearly hopes that this innovative creation would somehow bring an inexpressible kind happiness on the innocent faces of kids. Mang Johnny said that he was not able to ride a ferris wheel when he was still young. It was because he cannot afford to pay for that very enticing ride. Uniquely, his compensatory act has prompted him to make his own version of the wheel. Here is the actual video clip of a bamboo ferris wheel in Ilocos Sur. Would you ever want to ride this in the future?

Meanwhile, fantastic bamboo ferris wheel has a four-seater capacity. Operation wise, it can be manually executed. Initially, its few turns or movements are too scary. But as seconds tick, your fear of heights will be nothing at all. Hence, feelings of enjoyment and limitless satisfaction can be slowly felt. Remarkably, the unmatched intelligence of Filipinos is positively translated into a world-class recognition which makes every Malayan Race a shining star of his own cultural history. In closing, Mang Johnny must be highly commended for this fabulous feat that can never be forgotten even for a thousand years.

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