Technological byproducts are useless when their batteries are not fully efficient. It is a common knowledge that our laptops, regardless of its brands and programs can be aptly alluded to as our best buddies on the go. Admittedly, we cannot live without these versatile gadgets most specially those career oriented men and women in today’s modern mainstream who are constantly on the go every single day. But then again, laptops cannot save our day if their batteries are drained and easily get below the required charging level. If this annoying situation would ever happen to you, here are some of the best solutions that you can do as preventive measures to avoid these unwanted and disgusting scenarios wherever you are.

Never overheat your laptops to save its battery life .

Never overheat your laptops to save its battery life .

The first ever reminder that we must do is to avoid the overheating of your laptops. Try to notice these sudden and major changes while you are using your portable PC. If it shuts down immediately while you are using them, it means that your laptop needs to cool down. But the next best thing that you should do is to purchase a laptop cooler. Do not ever remove their batteries while you are using them. It is highly suggested to shut them down before removing their batteries. Moreover, use the 80 over 20 method. This means to indicate that you must not let your gadget to be below 20% and not more 80%. Do not overcharge them. Ideally, computer gurus do recommend the 60 to 40 charging principle. Avoid using Google Chrome as your browser. This is mainly because there are times that it remains to be opened although you are not using them. Better yet, you might as well use a FireFox browser. Turn off your Wi-Fi when it is not in use, as well as your Bluetooth. If you can, avoid watching and playing your fave songs in your laptop. Make use of their touchpads rather than an external mouse. Kindly make the brightness of your mini computer be adjusted. In the same way, you must choose other power options. Choose the one which turns out the notebook of your new or second hand laptop. Mute speaker volume as needed.

Refrain from using their Scheduled Tasks feature. If you are not using them, remove their batteries. Do not plug them to a direct outlet. You must drain a laptop battery and charge them again for at least once a month. This tip is best applied to a nickel-metal hydride battery. Hence, if you using them as a desktop replacement you can install the battery every three to four weeks. More so, you must set them in a standby mode when not for longer periods. The versatility of your laptops isn’t compromised at all with these very useful battery-saving tips.

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