The most unforgettable and sweetest route to victory is hard work, perseverance and above all these is faith in thyself. As the Breeders’ Cup began, it looked like a demolition derby like no other. Horses are crashing from end to another until one team has been proclaimed as the one and only King of the Racetrack. Likewise, it gloriously ended with the Hall of Fame Award and it deservingly went to Bob Baffert.

Bayern clinches the Breeders' Cup with a cliffhanger finish.

Bayern clinches the Breeders’ Cup with a cliffhanger finish.

Incidentally, he had coveted America’s richest race for the very first time in his entire life. To win it, he had to do what it takes to vest almost 61,1114 aggressive competitors perhaps from across the globe. As a result, Saint Anita had become very much phenomenal than it had been before. Of course, there were those dependable and agile stewards to sort out the chaotic situations which are extremely inevitable. As expected, Bayern a certified crowd favorite took home the bacon of the 2014 Breeders’ Cup. The team was adjudged as the winner of the $5 million race last Saturday while they were hanging by a thread. Along this juncture, even Baffert was really caught by surprise of how has God has blessed him with a much needed wisdom to help him pull it through until it is far from over. He beamingly remarked.

It’s been so long waiting, I was like, Lord, you can’t take it away from me now. I couldn’t breathe the last 20 yards.

Although there were lots of spectators and sports analysts who were not satisfied with the outcome of this most prestigious competition, nobody dared to question as to how fate and destiny wanted it to be. In other developments, the two-day world championship of the Breeders’ Cup had successfully culminated with three victories of Chad Brown. In addition, there was another victor whom Breeders’ Cup can never dare forget. It was no other than but Wesley Ward. He did a 30-1 shot with his ever domineering and powerful horse that galloped the last stretches of the game as if it was its last. According to Chad Brown,

To be here and enjoy the week like we did and walk away with three winners is a dream come true.

Going back, Bayern had made it very certain that every strategic move of theirs will be creatively translated to a historic victory ever since the Breeders Cup had commenced. There was a point when Bayern had ran almost 1 1/4 miles in 1:59.88 and paid $14.20, $8 and $5.20 at 6-1 odds. In essence, the keys to ultimate victories in this kind of an unpredictable sport is how to reverse those odds into winning streaks which are not only legendary but timeless as well.

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