The heartwarming and inspiring chronicle between an aircraft engineer and a persevering nanny who eventually became a flight stewardess, is the plot summary of ABS-CBN 2’s phenomenal daytime teleseries, Be Careful with My Heart. The said popular series on television had conquered the progressive country of Malaysia, through its phenomenal TV presence in the lives of millions in the said Southeast Asian territory. Actually, it is also set to create a stir of a wholesome family-oriented theme in Vietnam. Accordingly, the sweet and perfect chemistry of Filipina actress Jodie Sta. Maria and Richard Yap who play Maya and Sir Chief respectively are indeed unique and wholesome to watch.

Be Careful with My Heart is set to conquer Malaysia and Vietnam soon.

Be Careful with My Heart is set to conquer Malaysia and Vietnam soon.

Based on the overwhelming impact of Be Careful with My Heart, it has a huge total viewership of about 1.6 million in Malaysia alone. Due to its simple and very realistic plot on how to handle the domestic concerns of a Filipino household almost everyday, this light and easy program has become a trending topic in this country for weeks. Simply because, it has an impressive plot that everyone finds it so fantastic to have a glimpse of. After, the Southeast Asian countries, what’s next?

Truly, ABS-CBN’S Be Careful with My Heart is like a dose of vitamins that we all cannot live without. Kudos!

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