Millions of visually-impaired the world over, will surely thank the high heavens because there is an exclusive and easy to use app which could change their lives forever. Have you ever heard about the Be Eyes app? This was innovatively created by a blind man whose brilliant mind paved the way for the utmost convenience of doing specific tasks automatically without any inch of difficulty. Hans Jørgen Wiberg had unselfishly devised the said app in April of 2012. The versatile Be My Eyes app can help a blind person in real time via a live chat feature and the built-in camera of the user’s phone.

The Be My Eyes App

The Be My Eyes app helps the blind to do certain tasks automatically through a camera and live chat feature.

Interestingly, this will allow every person who is totally blind to be able to ask some much needed assistance whenever he or she encounters difficulty in seeing something essential in a given situation. How does this mobile app actually work? For example, a label in braille may have slipped off a can or bottle, or they’ve just received a parcel and a standard blind-reader app can’t capture and speak who the parcel is from. More so, if a blind is buying a certain commodity and she wants to know about its nutrition facts all she needs to do is get her mobile phone and go to the Be My Eyes application and nicely ask for the assistance of a volunteer to guide the blind accordingly. Then, the one who receives the call will assist the blind. By the way, this innovative app can be used and downloaded for FREE until September of this year. Likewise, you can get this app at iTunes store. In return, an e-mail will be sent to you some sort of a notification as to where you can get the Android version of it. With respect to IPhone subscribers, your mobile phone must be updated in order for you to get this very helpful app free of charge. According to the innovators of Be My Eyes app,

The iPhone has a great feature called Talkover which enables people who are completely blind to use an iPhone with synthetic speech and touch-based interface.

To conclude, a blind person’s way of life will be always filled with hope, joy and optimism because there’s a new mobile application that will never make them feel that they they are entirely different from all of us. Thanks to the genius mind behind this app. He is truly heaven sent. Simply because, his engendering invention has made the visually-impaired more productive each day with the sweetest smiles on their faces.


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