The interesting leaps and bounds of Philippine Tourism has been made more distinctive and popular by the splendor unparalleled magnificence of those different bodies of water which is in fact one of the finest tourist attractions anywhere in the Philippines. In Davao, you are going to be mesmerized with the unceasing enigma of Lake Venado. This fabulous aqua pura is best described by geologists and travel reviewers alike as an endorheic kind of lake. This means that this particular natural resource of the country has a capped drainage concavity which dearly preserves its waters that prevents it from overflowing and in effect going to those other externals like rivers and oceans. However, it has a miraculous convergence with some lakes and swamps which could be inherent or seasonal in its strictest sense.

The mesmerizing beauty of Lake Venado in Davao.

The mesmerizing beauty of Lake Venado in Davao.

Thus, it makes its much needed equilibrium through the process of evaporation. Etymologically, Lake Venado in North Cotabato came from the word Venado, a Spanish word, which means deer. Moreover, it is enormously fed by the so-called primitive decamp. In essence, there is no such thing as an aquatic outflow. As a result, it heavily loses almost two-thirds of its current size during those months where evaporation takes place. Meanwhile, the local constituents of Cotabato Province allude this lake as linaw. The latter is the Cebuano vernacular for the English word, clear. Amazingly, the superb vividness of Lake Venado has beautifully reflected the summit of the skyscraping Mount Apo. On its spiritual side, it is presumed to be the haven of unseen entities or spirits. This is the mere reason why, it was suddenly closed for public viewing. Hence, its intriguing mystical characterization as an enthralling natural wonder is even more mystifying. Based from several urban chronicles, North Cotabato’s Lake Venado is a tranquil place where a beautiful but deadly fairy had eternally lived for countless of years.

Here is a true story of an alleged hiker who accidentally got drowned in a pool after he and his companions had unanimously decided to visit the enchanting Lake of Venado. Here is the spine-chilling story which had left everyone dumbfounded up to this day.
Seven years ago, an undisclosed number of adventure-seeking mountaineers had carefully set up there humble camp next to North Cotabato’s Venado Lake. Unfortunately, one of their comrades had suddenly expired after having a relaxing rendezvous with the invigorating aqua pura. After several minutes had passed, his friends and companions had no idea as to where he had ever gone. Similarly, the longstanding urban legend about this paranormal occurrence continues to create havoc among other mountaineers. Still, many tourists are very much interested to find out the undisclosed dark secrets of this mysterious lake in Davao.

In contrast, experts had another theory about the untimely death of this unidentified mountain climber by saying that it might had been caused by natural calamities or a case of trail maze. Further, there were legitimate natives who were never convinced at all that these kinds of unsolved happenings were due to road confusions or whatsoever. To appease those rumored entities a sacred offering has to be immediately conducted. In their own lingo, this special ritual is called as Pamaas. This unusual paranormal undertaking is being presided by the elderly people of Cotabato with an earnest hope of calming its powerful mountain deity whose name is Apo Sandawa.


Lake Venado is strategically located in the City of Kidapawan, which is the capital city of Cotabato. It is exactly found in the southeastern section of this majestic province. Moreover, it is the mid-section between these two prominent cities namely Cotabato and Davao respectively.

Getting There

These countless rumors surrounding the mystical Lake Venado, must not impede those millions of tourists who only wanted to have a personal glimpse of this natural beauty of Mindanao. To get there, here is the easiest route to follow. This is by means of an air travel that is much safer and faster, as compared to a land voyage all the way to the City of Davao.

On the other hand, for those people who would probably come from General Santos City or Cagayan de Oro, the most convenient thing to do is to have an advance booking and head towards Kidapawan City. Accordingly, if they have a scarce budget the estimated travel time in going to North Cotabato’s Lake Venado is approximately 8 hours or more.

Truly, Kidapawan City’s Lake Venado is one of the most unique creations of the Supreme Being in order to immensely provide us with an adequate scientific knowledge, that Mother Nature has all the effective means to make it certain the human survival is never compromised; no matter what and how technological advancements might benefit or disrupt the ecological equilibrium of this ever-changing world.

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