Since the dawn of ancient civilization, artistically done tattoo had impressive and varying symbolism which usually refer to social prestige and the unbiased way of classifying people according to their social status in life. But, what if experts will tell you that this awesome ornament can also cure diabetes? Perhaps, those tattoo shops will rake lots of money to be able to live a jetsetter way of life.

To set the record straight, there’s an unbelievable research study which had been conducted by the University of California in San Diego that they can accurately know the glucose levels of people with diabetes with these tattoo strips. Unlike the conventional method of pricking the fingers to determine the right percentage levels of sugar in your body, a totally erasable tattoo will provide you with what you need to keep you healthy and after your blood sugar has been accurately monitored and managed at the same time.

Innovative tattoo strips can accurately monitor glucose levels.

Innovative tattoo strips can accurately monitor glucose levels.

As an overview of this very amazing device, San Diego graduate student named Amay Bandodkar was the one who had creatively thought of this flawless gadget to be wisely used in controlling the hyperglycemic syndrome of a patient with diabetes. To describe, this versatile and phenomenal device to cure diabetes has been equipped with electric sensor which is coupled with interwoven electrodes printed on tattoo paper. How does it work? Diabetics can simply place the temporary tattoo on their arm and the device measures the patient’s glucose levels continuously throughout the day. According to its genius developer,

The readout instrument will also eventually have Bluetooth capabilities to send this information directly to the patient’s doctor in real-time or store data in the cloud.

In addition, he proudly bragged about his very sensational work of art by saying these words.

Presently the tattoo sensor can easily survive for a day. These are extremely inexpensive, a few cents, and hence can be replaced without much financial burden on the patient.

During the entire course of developing the framework of these strips with artificial tattoos were intricately created and tested at the at the NanoEngineering Department and the Center for Wearable Sensors at the Jacobs School of Engineering at UC San Diego inside a laboratory of Joseph Wang. To strongly prove that they had accomplished this extremely awe-inspiring scientific feat without any inconvenience, here’s how they did the experiment.

Initially, they were able to gather even men and women between the ages of 20 and 40. However, these subjects were ironically not afflicted with diabetes. Nevertheless, this particular study had indicated that these colorful strips were as effective as the prick method of testing glucose levels. To use, you just have to apply a very gentle electric current to the skin for about 10 minutes. Sodium ions that carry glucose are located in the fluid between skin cells. Meanwhile, Professor Wang had beamingly loaded this glucose measuring device by saying,

The concentration of glucose extracted by the non-invasive tattoo device is almost hundred times lower than the corresponding level in the human blood. Thus we had to develop a highly sensitive glucose sensor that could detect such low levels of glucose with high selectivity.

To wrap up, the tattoo glucose monitoring device that human ingenuity and intelligence can move mountains just for the sake of making diabetes more manageable than ever before. In turn, diabetics will have the chance to live much longer without fear.


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