Noontime shows are one of the most exceptional avenues of beauty, talent and wits. This is the major reason why a popular lunchtime show, like It’s Showtime has launched another beauty pageant that will best exemplify the superb attributes of what a Filipina goddess should be. In this regard, Showtime’s Beautiful Girl 2014 is an Ilocano beauty whose name is Chatterlie Mae Umalos. She humbly hails from Ilocos Sur. In the said competition, Umalos bested 14 other candidates, including a consistent crowd favorite who became only the competition’s second runner-up.

Chatterlie Mae Umalos, is the grand winner of It's Showtime's, Beautiful Girl 2014.

Chatterlie Mae Umalos, is the grand winner of It’s Showtime’s, Beautiful Girl 2014.

She is no other than but Julee Ann Mae Cabrera. Although Cabrera did not bring home the bacon, she did won the Best Long Gown and Best Swimsuit categories respectively. Going back, When Umalos’ name was proudly announced, all she said was,

Thank you very much to It’s Showtime.


To those Ilocanos who really waited for me


Umalos never wasted any opportunity to thank her beloved grandmother. Thus, she tearfully offered her much coveted plum to the most important woman in her life. As far as her prizes are concerned, she took home the cash prize of Php 300,000.

During the question and answer portion of Beautiful Girl 2014, Chatterlie Mae Umalos has impressed the board of judges with her meaningful sentence using the following set of words. These were touch, water, make it happen, future and acceptance. In essence, she exceptionally combined these words by saying.

In the flow of our lives, there are inevitable problems that come our way. But, let us all bear in mind that these are all touch of God; because He will never give us any challenge that we cannot bear. Problems come our way to make us learn. But the very moment that acceptance comes along the way, it is the point when we can tell our-selves as who we are so that we can make it happen, whatever success we would be achieving in the future.

After that very well-said answer, Umalos was applauded unceasingly by the crowd as well as the distinguished panel of judges which was headed by a famous director Cathy Garcia Molina. Although her answer was not that concise it was the best one for all the judges during the whole presentation of Beautiful Girl 2014. Meanwhile, the runners-up for that very glamorous competition are: Julee Ann Mae Cabrera as second runner-up and Janriss Jocson who came in as third runner-up. These two equally beautiful women took home a whooping cash prize of Php 200,000 and 100,000 respectively. While the other winners of Beautiful Girl 2014 took home Php 50,000 each.

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