There are only a chosen few, who are considered to be a natural genius. To become one like Albert Einstein, any person has to be creative in his or her own unique ways. Hence, to maximize this to the fullest and eventually become a natural genius you must first and foremost be able to determine the mechanical and deterministic part of your brain. Although there are some materialists who have firmly believed that the brain is just like a biological pinball, these individuals have said that our ideas in mind are merely the after repercussions of a cause and effect relationship.

Along this line, modern science might have the wrong assessment on the matter. Basically, the human mind has a spontaneous, non deterministic and non-predictable sets of ideas. Categorically, the mind can be classified as a will or the spirit of human existence. In essence, it tends to exist as a non-material consciousness that has to be integrally interfaced with the human brain. Logically, the excellent means on how to develop your creative side is the myriad of expending and optimizing as well knowing about the biochemical and neurological functions of your brain. Tremendously, if they work and perfectly jive together then you will become a natural genius. The subsequent sections will teach you how to be an inherent genius. Again, being super intelligent is not strictly genetic but it a series of dynamic and functional progressions. Here are some of the steps that you should constantly have in mind.

Albert Einstein is a natural genius.

Albert Einstein is a natural genius.

How to be a Natural Genius

These steps on how to be a genius, involves these easy to remember pointers:

  1. Remember each and everyday, that we are all inherently genius
  2. Avoid too much exposures to heavy metals. These elements damage your cognition
  3. Eat those healthy food which can optimize your brain functions. Provide your-self with those minerals and other necessary nutrients
  4. You must have an adequate overview of the so-called superfood for your irreplaceable brain
  5. Learn new and innovative things each day
  6. Get rid of body and mind toxicities
  7. Awaken your brain all the time
  8. Do not feed your brain with poisonous substances. Take some natural health supplements
  9. Never fail to have some peace of mind
  10. Avoid negative people
  11. Nourish your brain with positive thoughts
  12. Know more about the intimate functions of your brain

God has all endowed us with an incomparable kind of intelligence, that can be effectively utilized to attain our fervent desires in our whole lifetime. Therefore, you must learn on how to tap your inner potentials to become a genius even without the rudiments of formal trainings. Most importantly, just believe in your-self that you can be a natural genius.

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