The enigmatic province of Benguet is strategically located at the southern tip of the Cordillera Region. It is also found within the bounds of the southernmost part of Pangasinan and La Union in its western angle, alongside with Ilocus Sur. Primarily, Benguet Province proudly acts as the gateway of the highlands in Cordillera provinces. In addition to this, the mesmerizing province lies within the uppermost portion of the glorious mountains of Cordillera.

Benguet Province has a rich topographical landscape since it was first discovered.

Benguet Province has a rich topographical landscape since it was first discovered.

Characteristically, she is described by her loving natives as a place which is beautifully endowed with a sloping and rugged terrain; and valleys which are as deep as the Philippine oceans. Aside from these natural peaks, it is blessed by the Supreme Being with wide-ranging plateaus. Incidentally, this is where its capital town of La Trinidad, can be humbly found. Speaking of its vast land area, it is approximately measured at 2, 833.0 square kilometers wherein most of its natural resources fall down so impressively within the crater of the Cordillera Forest Reserves. Along this line, the total land area of her rich forestlands is at 213,523 hectares. Let us get to know the different belief systems of Benguet Province.

Belief Systems

Benguet Province is culturally endowed in everything. Its belief systems for instance are mainly centered on the existence of “unseen spiritual beings, which predominantly come from both the sky and underworlds which are presumed to possess enormous magical powers of which an ordinary human being does not have. Furthermore, these invisible spiritual entities are being regarded as fatal to human nature. However, the universal and diverse human wisdoms can manipulate them for the advantage of the latter. So, some people of Benguet Province are trying to befriend these supernatural beings. Meanwhile, another amazing belief system of Benguet Province is about the death of a human. Accordingly, these ancient people of this remarkable and charismatic province do believe that when a man dies his spirit will go to another dimension called as the skyworld. Hence, those wicked people will be brought the underworld paranormal realm.

The friendly people of Benguet Province are wooing those deities and spirits through the help of their “spiritual leaders’ who are said to be ancient servants or native priest who are regularly consulted because of their innate spiritual wisdom. Their main responsibility is to discern the spirits, in order to keep up with the conventional cultural traditions, left by their ancestors since time immemorial. Moreover, the sacred and holy process of spirit discernment is being done by means of a ritual or a series of spiritual communications, through sincere and fervent prayers. Sometimes, there are offertory rituals in the form of gifts. Thus, if those spirits feel glad with those things, they do provide good fortunes and a clean bill of health to those people who are spiritually deserving of those future rewards.

If somebody gets ill, the people and known tribes of Benguet Province do not seek medical help. Instead, they will ask the assistance of their high priest. Based from the findings of their spiritual guru, a sickness can be due to malevolent spirits. As far as his mode of treatment is concerned, he usually discerns first the cause of the problem. After which, a simple instruction will be prescribed to effectively attain the desired objectives, of the healing or problem solving procedures. Thus, if spiritual offerings are badly needed the priest of Benguet will require a person concerned of the following: food, animals and rice wine. These are the main compositions of the offerings bring employed to achieve overall health and wellness when one becomes sick of a mysterious illness.

The beauty and splendidness of Benguet Province has tremendously magnified its interesting cultural beliefs in a different light. This provides each of us the knowledge and socio-cultural awareness that she will never lost her worth knowing traditional conventions, though human innovations continue to domineeringly rule Mother Earth.

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