Choking is defined as the obstruction of airflow from the lungs caused by external factors. It prevents the breathing process, which can be either partial or complete. Complete choking might lead to asphyxia and can cause death if this is not immediately addressed. Among the primary causes of this airflow obstructions are the following: The physical impediment of a foreign body, the onset of respiratory diseases, a deliberate compression of these body parts such as laryngopharynx, larynx or vertebrate trachea as a result of strangulation.

The notable signs and symptoms of choking can be any of these. A victim cannot speak nor cry out, his or her breathing might take a lot of effort which is commonly accompanied by wheezing. The person might try it so hard to induce vomiting which could make him or her better. In case the breathing seems to be futile, a person might turn blue and should be given some first aid treatment the soonest. Therefore, here are some of the easiest choking remedies that you must not forget to do if this will suddenly happen to you. These homemade remedies for choking are proven to be safe and effective by notable medical experts alike. Eat some boiled rice. Make sure that it has a sticky consistency. Also, you should make it a bit larger as much as possible. Swallow it quickly in just a single gulp. This will stick to the other particles in your throat. The boiled rice technique will help you a a lot to feel better because of its weight. Thus, your swallowing motion will drive the food all the way down to your stomach.

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Likewise, if you have a raw egg inside your fridge you must swallow this in one gulp just like that of a boiled rice. This must be much bigger in size to cover your mouth’s width. In addition to this, if you have swallowed a fish bone the next best thing to is to drink a lemon or orange juice because it can effectively soften the object in no time. Try to eat some mashed foodstuffs. You can have some bananas or papayas. Also, an ounce of vinegar is one of the simplest choking remedies that you can quickly resort to if your throat obstruction becomes too difficult to resolve. Of course, water plays a crucial role if this will ever test your calmness and critical thinking when it your choking attacks. You must slowly gulp the water. Last but not least, avoid eating your food too fast. Masticate or chew your food slowly. If these first aid treatments are to no avail bring the victim to the nearest clinic for further treatment.

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