A lasting relationship in any form or kind is seldom found. Usually, after several years of being together through thick and thin it suddenly falls apart due to many inevitable reasons. Some of these are the following: Lack of communication, distance, individual differences, misunderstandings and the likes. Well, my best friend forever and I are exceptions to all of these. Admittedly, ours is not a perfect bond of love and happiness due to my hectic schedule as an online writer. There were times that I had this guilty feeling because whenever she gives me a call, I was in a deep slumber due to severe exhaustion. But, thank God we are still very much together in spirit because she is unfortunately million miles away from me.

My best friend forever is the most priceless gift, that God has given me.

My best friend forever is the most priceless gift, that God has given me.

Frankly speaking, I do not have any idea or whatsoever as to how we have lasted for decades. I am cranky at times and she’s so persistent. Thus, I am a kind of person who is so cool like a morning breeze; whereas she was too anxious in some challenging situations. Just the same, we are so inseparable. Along this juncture, allow our website to impart to you the 4 secret formulas on how to have someone like my awesome best friend. Read on.

4 Amazing Ways to Find Your Best Friend Forever

Here are the time tested secrets on how to search for a best friend who is like the air that you breathe everyday. These are as follows:

  1. Share your most intimate secrets, even the most darkest ones.- Through the years, Besy and this workaholic writer had never thought of hiding anything from one another, no matter how absurd these were.
  2. Find time to plan your activities together.- When she comes back to the Philippines, it is one of my rare plans to take her to restaurant where we can both eat and laugh out our hearts together.
  3. Give her anything that you can have in common.- This special gift for each other will be a lasting symbol of your special relationship as the best of friends forever.
  4. Do little favors for each other.- Although your best friend does not need anything from you, make it a point to make her happy by doing her little things that she will not dare to forget.

A best friend forever is a rare treasure. Therefore, the moment that you find this angel in your life love and care for her unconditionally like your own body and soul.

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