Our digestive system is one of the most delicate parts of the body that we must not take for granted. It breaks down the healthy foodstuffs that we eat so that we can easily absorb those essential nutrients that we need everyday. Best of all, a healthy digestive tract provides us an efficient metabolic process, a sound sleep and a kind of energy which will marvelously boost our immune system to its maximum peak. This is the very reason why our multifarious website will generously inform you about those easy to adopt mealtime habits that you should know for better digestion.

Primarily, it is a very rational tip that we must chew our food well. Chewing is a mechanical process wherein you breakdown your food well. From there, enzymes are being secreted by the salivary glands as well as the parotid kind of gland. Researchers have significantly revealed that most people are chewing at an approximate of 7 to 14 times per mouthful. On the contrary, it is highly recommended by experts that we should do this at a rate of 30 to 50 times per mouthful. This is purposely done in order to properly mix the food with saliva to have a much better digestion. Hence, to aid the process of carefully digesting the food that we are going to eat, we must not drink any kind of beverage while we nibble our food. Instead, your chosen beverage must be taken at least 30 minutes before mealtime.

A better digestion can be achieved by chewing your food well.

A better digestion can be achieved by chewing your food well.

This is mainly due to a fact that your stomach acids tend to interfere with the process itself, as well as with the second level of digestion. Thus, if you are planning to drink something which is actually a few minutes before you eat make sure that you will not have anything except these healthy drinks.- Kefir or apple cider vinegar. Simply because, they are classic examples of probiotic drinks. The next tip for a better digestion is to change and improve the various food combinations that you used to have. To do this with so much ease, try to religiously follow these healthy food combinations.

  1. Eat sugary foodstuffs on an empty stomach
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  3. Eat some animal protein with those veggies which are starch-free
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  5. Consume fermented food with any meal
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  7. Combine starchy food with those that do not contain starch
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Moreover, do not give in to your habit of overeating. Overeating makes it so much difficult for our digestive system to do its job in facilitating the attainment of our overall wellness without a fuss. Be sure that you know a bit well if you are already 80 percent full. If you have done so, stop feasting on any food that you see inside the fridge. This is to make way for your digestive system to have at least 20 percent of free space inside your stomach. Essentially, a better digestion is easy to achieve. Self-control is the only way to do it.

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